Health Care: What to Reform

Yesterday I wasted almost a full hour trying to write the next post on Health Care.  I started and scrapped three different posts.

I just am not sure what I want to say next about this topic.  The truth is, I feel like a tiny minority here.  I clearly see the need for reform and innovation in both the payer system as well as the medical delivery industry.  But, I just don’t see any solutions that I feel I can strongly support.  I am neither for the current proposed reform, nor am I vehemently against it.

So instead of just blindly choosing a side and waving their signs and banners, I want to just discuss the reforms we need to make and share my views on how we might proceed.

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Health Care: How Much Does it Cost to See a Doctor?

Just to review:

  1. In our current health care model we have providers & payers.
  2. Providers are largely an effective industry.
  3. Payers are largely a bloated system on which the industry has been built.
  4. Cost is the ultimate problem.

So today I want to delve into cost.

How much does it cost to see a doctor?

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Health Care: a System or Industry?

As a nation, we are now deeply embroiled in a debate about the future of our health care industry.  My next few posts are going to be delving into the grimy details of this debate with two goals:

  1. to define what we currently have
  2. to understand what is being proposed and where it might lead us

I want to get it #1 nailed down, first, before we get into #2.  Perhaps the single most frustrating thing is to discuss a topic when not everyone in the room is coming from a similar basic understanding of the actual state of affairs…

So here we go…

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P.S. A Dream

I had a dream last night that Simon Cowell actually read my blog.

How did I know he read my blog?  Because he took a direct quote from it and said it on American Idol.

I was honored, but a little upset that he didn’t properly credit me.

Simon, if you’re out there, please know you can use my material any time, just make sure you give me my proper 2 minutes of fame.

Thank you,


I Didn’t Hate It Awards

A few more “I didn’t hate it awards” going out today:

I Don't Hate It

  1. to Melanie and Ben… Well, actually, this award goes to their son, Nolan, for the hilarious antics at graduation.
  2. to Blabberbuns for coming back and blogging, and congrats for finishing her book, which I am excited to be the first to read… hint hint…
  3. to OverheardInTheWard for “Little Ears, Big Mouths“.  You know, kids say the darndest things…
  4. and finally, to Stuff White People Like for “Camping“.  I just couldn’t stop laughing.

Congratulations to all of you.  Keep up the good work!