It’s Graduation Time

**Deep Breath** … Ahh… the springtime allergens have hit the wind. The grass is greening and the home improvement projects that lay dormant for the winter call our names. Yes, friends. It is spring, and graduation season is in full bloom. Facebook has been bursting at the seams with pictures of graduating high schoolers, undergrads, and … … … kindergartners?

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The Morning After the Rapture

If you didn’t hear about the “rapture” predictions, you were living under a rock last week.  I was on vacation, far away from any workplace water coolers, and it seemed like every time I looked at the Internet, there was some other pithy comment about the predicted event  — which led me to ask —

Why was this such a big deal to people?

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The Mothers I’ve Had

Two days ago, on Mother’s day, I spent a bit of time thinking about the Mothers in my life and how they’ve affected me.  I’m not sure if it was because it way A2’s first Mother’s day or if it was because Mother’s day church meetings always involve multiple people getting up and crying about how awesome their mothers were.  Either way, the day led me to reflect on the women I’ve known best who are mothers.

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