WhiteEyebrows vs. Women’s Liberation

Last night, as we were settling into bed for the night, my wife informed me that I would sleeping on the north side of the bed. (to be specific, she didn’t say “north”, she said “that” side… mostly because women don’t have any sense of direction… BAM… it’s on!)

We’ve talked and teased about not having assigned sides of the bed quite often.  It’s one of our favorite running jokes.  But last night it particularly struck my funny bone.  So in the heat of the tease, I then assigned her the task of going to turn off the bathroom light, checking all the doors, and making sure the garage door was closed if she was going to be sleeping on the man’s side of the bed.  She responded by turning on the patented female pouty face and started carrying on about being scared of the dark and scared to lock things and shut things.


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A Garbage Truck and a Sense of Wonder

I woke up this morning to the sound of the garbage truck collecting my neighbor’s trash – but not mine.  I missed trash day, again.


A few weeks ago, though, I did not miss trash day, and I watched the giant garbage truck lumber up the street, stopping at each home and picking up the trash.  Watching the large arm grab the plastic bins at our curb sent me back many years to a visit I had at Grandma’s house.

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Go G-ayla!

Tomorrow is another big day in my extended family, G-ayla is getting married!  (That’s Gordon+Kayla).

I am so happy for them!!!  Mostly because I really never thought Gordon would ever get a clue.  Don’t get me wrong Gordo, but I thought you’d be playing video games and eating nothing but junk food well into your 40’s.

I’m so glad you guys have finally seen the light and figured out that you were destined to be together after all these years of denying it. (…and not even telling us about your little soirees!  Rude!)

Sadly, because this is the THIRD wedding in my family this year (holy crap!  and still one more to go!), I won’t be attending this one.  I can only stand so many trips out to Utah every year, and this one just didn’t work out.

Bummer 🙁

In spite of that, I want Gayla to know how much I love and support them.  They will make a great married couple.

… And somehow… you’ll make it through tomorrow without me!