Why would WhiteEyebrows be posting about Halloween in August?

Halloween is the single holiday of the year that I least enjoy.  After years as a “theater person” I concluded that Halloween was just an excuse for non-theater people to do what theater people do the other 364 days of the year – dress up, put on makeup, and scare the bejesus out of the world.

However, last weekend while we were hosting family, there were a few suggestions thrown out there for the Father/Son WhiteEyebrows/JR team to be this year for halloween.  You may register your votes/opinions:

Dr Evil and Mini Me from the film Austin Powers

Thank you to Carlton* for the suggestion of Dr. Evil and Mini Me.  We would even have our own soundrack… “Just the Two of Us”

Also – thank you to Mr Braun (who inspired this post) by commenting on my previous post and suggesting a costume that was ALSO suggested by family at this party:

Charlie Brown

Yes, Eli has a nice, round, Anderson head.  Though it’s normal size, according to the Doctor’s measurements, he really only needs a yellow shirt with the squiggle and we’re set.  The question is; what I would I go as?   Snoopy or Linus?


And the blog languishes

You know what happens when you’re not looking?  Life happens.

Wow – what a crazy, crazy run of no blogging for me.  I’m not quite sure why I haven’t blogged in so long.  I’ll admit, there were a few blogs I started, then stopped, due to laziness, over-sharing, or self censoring.  Blogging never should be a chore.  It never should be something you feel like you have to do, right?


Well, so tonight – because I probably drank a diet coke a little too late, I’m still up – wired – and ready to write.

My first thoughts go to my little family.  WEJr is growing up so quickly.  If you don’t follow him on Twitter or his blog, you should.  He’s quite verbose for a kid who still can’t talk.  🙂

WEJr is changing so quickly.  Just tonight, I told A2 that she should ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ (I’m just a walking platitude these days – fatherhood must be getting to me) – it being him being small enough to hold for extended periods of time.  He’ll be 6 months old here in just a few days.  *Sigh*  He is sitting up now on his own, and is starting to scoot a bit.  He’s just getting his knees under himself when on his tummy – and he can move around – but doesn’t quite go anywhere yet.  We’re working on him going to bed without being held now.  (He’s been quite spoiled in that regard.)

The best part, though, is that when he’s happy, he lights up the whole room with his gigantic smile.  When he’s sad, he just kind of whimpers.  Yes, he can scream – but he rarely does. Overall, he’s a generally happy, happy kid. We are sooooo lucky and blessed to have him. He is like a little piece of heaven right here in our little family.

How about a little video?

Oh… and we got new family pictures…