A Childhood Love Affair with VHS

Growing up, we didn’t often rent movies, but we had a few VHS tapes that we’d use to record various movies off of TV.  Most of these movies came from the Sunday night “Wonderful World of Disney” program, which always had a prologue recorded by Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney.

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Tech Support

I really love it when my friends and family (especially those who I haven’t heard from in years) call me up for technical support.

Look, if the only conversation we have happens once or twice a year for technical support, don’t bother calling.  Instead, please refer to the following diagram which explains exactly how I solve your problems…

Yes… I am about to bestow upon you the secret formula to becoming a successful “computer person”…

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Reflections of Christ, Part II

A few months ago, I posted a public endorsement of the Reflections of Christ photography project.

Since then, Mark Mabry and company have indeed released their work in picture book format, as well as a DVD and fine art prints.  I happen to have my favorite print hanging in my hallway as we speak, (it’s the one on the home page of the website) signed and dated by the artist.

Well, these guys are at it again with Another Testament of Christ, which depicts Christ’s visit to the Americas after his resurrection and final ascension in Jerusalem.  If you’ve never heard this story, you might want to check out The Book of Mormon as this is it’s central message.  It is yet another testament of Christ’s divine mission to redeem all mankind.

I absolutely love their work.

Here is the video which previews their latest project, Another Testament of Christ:

[flashvideo filename=”/video/reflections-of-christ-another-testament.flv” /]

That Mainstream Media…

Here’s that pesky mainstream media at it again… showing two very distinctly different viewpoints on the health care issue.

I don’t care whether you agree with President Obama, or with Rep Boehner and Sen Graham… the point is: the tone is better. We’re not ooo-gaaa-boo-gaaa-boo scaring people. We’re not pounding the bully pulpit. No one’s stamping their feet and demanding their way.

We’re talking policy. We’re talking ideas. We’re discussing what we want our future to look like.

I like it.

And by the way, I’m looking more closely into the Wyden-Bennett plan, as well as the Baucus Plan.

Water Fluoridation and Reality Television

The last time I was visiting Utah, I spent some time listening to the radio during my morning commute.  I was surprised to listen to how many advertisments and how much programming content was centered around not getting ‘taken’ by scams.  It seems like everything I listened to from the Doug Wright show, to Clark Howard, to even the ads between were all centered around people or services being promoted as protection from scams.

Which led me to the conclusion: I think people are unhealthily paranoid about pretty much everything.

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