But unlike last time, W.E. isn’t even checking this time.  He’s on his honeymoon.  And not even W.E. is geeky enough to blog on his honeymoon.  I think….

W.E. made the FATAL mistake.  The mistake was not deleting me as a guest user after the first commandeering of during his October D.C. vacation.  But lets all face it, W.E. has been very distracted lately with his whole engagement and getting married thing, and you have to admit that his A.I. posts have been lackluster. 

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We’re All Just Lumps of Coal

In shopping for my first diamond, I learned a lot of things (other than how expensive jewelry is).  I learned all about those pesky 4 C’s: cut, clarity, color, carat.

Clarity is the silliest one of all.  Supposedly, a perfect diamond has no ‘inclusions’; permanent flaws or marks in the inside of the stone.  As I was choosing a stone, the saleswoman would tell me about each stone, show me the stone under a magnifying glass, and point out to me all of the flaws and inclusions of each.

I just pretended to see them…

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Simple Truths: AIG is Corrupt

What kind of company takes


(yes, that’s BILLION)

from the taxpayers, because their company is going to fail and cause financial armageddon if it does… and then gives its crooked leadership


(yes that’s MILLION)

in bonuses and ‘retention payments’ for causing the mess?

I don’t care if it’s how financial professionals are compensated.  When I do crappy work, I dont’ get compensated… In fact, I’d be at home collecting unemployment if I did as bad a job as they have.

In fact, sometimes (currently) even when I do GREAT work, I don’t get my bonus… because of the greater economy.

To make matters worse, we’re told that although the government now has an

80% ownership stake in AIG

there is nothing our representatives can do to get that money back.


We should be (and I am) completely outraged.

Anyone else with me in filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of the American People against AIG, naming the federal treasury as an accomplice, over this highway robbery of our hard earned money?

Celebrating Singleness: My Relationship Status

It had to happen sooner or later…


In less than five days I will put off my singleness for the foreseeable future and join the ranks of the “married.” I will finally be checking the box “Married” on all those stupid legal documents and survey profiles.  I will henceforth be never more known as “Single, Never Married”.

While this new marital state will certainly bring me just as much fodder for blog material (Celebrating Marriedness anyone?), I feel like I should at least give a little effort to polish off the blog series “Celebrating Singleness” with a few parting thoughts from my time I spent as a single man and single Mormon.

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Ricky Gervais + Elmo

Recently, Ricky Gervais did an interview with Elmo for Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary episode.  For some reason, which I am truly grateful for, the CTW has released the following outtakes to the AP…

As a Sesame Street fan from my cradle, here is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen on the internet all week…

At the Cost of Our Ideals

On this season of Fox’s “24”, Jack Bauer continues to be pummeled for his insistence that torture is a viable mechanism to get vital information out of a terrorist, especially when the timeliness of that information is critical to preventing a terrorist attack.


In last week’s episode, the White House was attacked and the President is taken hostage, all because they chose to stick by their ‘ideals’ rather than continuing a torturous interrogation of a key player who was about to give up the location of the imminent attack.

Characters in high ranking government positions are being forced to ask themselves the question, “Does this betray our American ideals?”  and “At what cost of life and property do we hold onto our ‘ideals’?”

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