Top 5 Reviewed

I had to record American Idol last night and watched it super-late again. When I tried to pull up the recording, at first it didn’t appear. I about had a complete and total meltdown… a total fit. it’s been a rough little while in the WhiteEyebrows world, and this certainly didn’t help… at all!

Then, as if the heavens opened and someone smiled down upon me, the recording magically appeared and magically worked!

Can I just say that I am so incredibly excited for Neil Diamond night!! I think Neil Diamond is perhaps one of the most incredible singer/songwriter and all-around good guys who exist. Why are all of today’s super-talented people complete freaks? Why can’t they just be normal like Neil Diamond and Paul Simon? Sure his music can be a little one-dimensional and void of different flavors, but it is still classic.

Now to the review…

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Losing Things? No, Losing It!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:50am to get to the gym by 7:30. It felt really early, as it usually does on a Monday, but I drug my tired rear end out of bed and, in a semi-comatose state, got ready to go.

I remember seeing my cell phone on my nightstand thinking, “I need to get that.” Then as I left the house I remember thinking, “oh, I forgot to grab my phone. I must have left it on the nightstand. Oh well.” Then as I was getting ready for work at the gym, I realized I had also forgotten my belt and my work badge.

It was one of those Mondays.

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The Universe is Out of Balance

Today is my first day in my new cubicle.

This really shouldn’t be that big of a deal… a cubicle is a cubicle, right? They all have the same grey and green speckled walls with beige steel cabinetry.

I should be happier here in my new home, because I was able to choose the configuration for the desk, and I added another circular piece so I could face the doorway rather than have my back to it all the time (no more people sneaking up from behind).

And yet the universe seems a bit out of whack. For one thing, it’s too bright here. In my other area, we had all the lights turned off, so you just had the steady glow of your monitor staring you in the face.

Also, I had humans around me that I had had around me for the last 2 years. I was used to the click-clack of their keyboards and they’re sneezing. Now, I have to get used to a whole new set of sneezes and click-clacks.

Well, at least the one constant here at work is that things will change. Maybe I’ll just bring a slingshot and shoot the bulb out with a pen or something.

American Idol – You are on Notice!

I’m watchin American Idol right now, and just found out my woooooman, Syesha, is in the bottom two.

I am just so frustrated, I couldn’t be more more more upset. How, how, how in the world could her amazing performance have not risen above Brooke’s biggest gaffe in AI history and Jason’s greatest slaughtering of a song since Sanjaya?

All I can hope now is that Carly offended the Christian sensibilities of Americans and she will go…

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Top 6 Reviewed

Let’s start with two important points:

1. Of all our contestants, who do you think would be the one to mix it up this week? Who is going for the freaky arrangement? Not David Cook… Yes… David Archuleta! Surprise!

B. For years now, I have been trying to put into words exactly how I feel about Paula’s clapping… and now Tamara has done it for me…

Paula claps like a child that just discovered her hands.


Now to the reviews…

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Barack will be the nominee

Yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press, David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political strategist, went head to head with Geoff Garin, Clinton’s newly appointed chief political strategist.

It was a bloodbath.

At one point, I wondered if Tim Russert was going to interject at any moment and say, “Uhh.. I’m the one who’ll be asking the questions here.” The two went at each other like a couple of old hens, and Mr. Axelrod clearly won the fray.

One of the better moments occurred when each took an opportunity to point out the negative ads the other has been playing in battleground states. Both men accused the other of doing it, but neither person confessed to actually doing it. And yet there sit the ads, in plain sight of each other, Tim Russert, the country, and the eyes of God.

In what other profession of the world can blatant denials of simple facts and truth be so gloriously condoned?!?

Based on the performance yesterday and the current math, I am ready to predict that Obama will be the nominee of the Democrat party. Clinton’s campaign, typified by Mr. Garin’s performance, is relying solely on a super-delegate strategy and, in the meantime, is just franticly throwing anything and everything against the wall to try and see what sticks.

Who knew the wall was going to be coated with non-stick Obama-spray…