The Ultimate Self-Reflexive Blog

When I posted on my facebook status that I was having trouble coming up with an original thought for my blog, I got some really interesting responses.  Most of them encouraged me to be self-reflexive… that is, to talk about blogging, originality, thought, or even…ferrets.  (OK, so ferrets have nothing to do with blogging or self-reflexivity.)

However, I was taught in school that answering the question by simply restating the question is a cop-out, and that you can’t use a word in its own definition.  So why, when I say “I can’t find an original thought for my blog”, would people respond to talk about “originality”, “thought” or “blogging”?  Hmm..

But, as you are my readership, I will indulge you this once, and talk about this little blog addiction enterprise endeavor.

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Will America’s Real Enemy Please Stand Up?

Seven years ago, terrorists flew airplanes at us thinking that they could drastically disrupt the United States economic and governmental systems with their actions.  If nothing else, they hoped to send a strong signal to America that it had enemies, and that not everyone in the world approved of our way of life.

In the weeks and months after that tragedy, in spite of the country’s mourning, we proved that we would not be threatened, and we would not live in fear.  We would continue.  Markets opened, the government continued to operate, and the American way continued.  We proved, once again, that no external threat or influence could severely disrupt our way of life for long, and that we would confront our enemies wherever they lived to secure our future.

This last week, however, has unmasked a much more dangerous threat to our American way of life.  It turns out that our worst enemy hasn’t been a bunch of terrorists in a training camp half a world away, turns out the biggest threat to our very way of life has been sitting right under our noses in downtown New York City, parading around in dark suits and expensive shoes.

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Sarah is Still the Story

The republicans are no dummies.

By tightly controlling the story around Sarah Palin, with an unprecedented lack of access by reporters, two weeks after their convention – the story is still Sarah Palin.  I turn on the radio or TV and all I hear are reporters complaining about the lack of access to her and how she is still such an unknown in the race.

Whether you consider that good press or bad press, it’s press.  And she’s still getting a lot of it.

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(Wo)Man Eating Lizards

Yesterday when I arrived at work, our receptionist told me a story that put me in stitches…

We regularly have outside instructors come to our offices to teach classes, and today a teacher showed up in a panic.  She came into the lobby and quickly learrned that she had made the common mistake of going to the wrong building on campus.  She turned white though when she was informed she would have to get back in her car and drive over to the other building.

See, she swore there was a lizard in her car, and that it was a foot long.

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Digging a Hole and Other Childhood Memories

Years ago, sometime in my life between the ages of 0 and 6, my siblings and I did some odd things to entertain ourselves during the dog days of summer.  During this time, we lived on a farm in a rural community and had plenty of world to explore and discover around us.

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