Christmas Recap

It’s the day after the big day.  How are you holding up?  How was your Christmas?

Ours was very nice.  Life is good at the WhiteEyebrows household.  We enjoyed a fun, low key Christmas together.  We opened some gifts, ate breakfast, enjoyed some time with FavUnc and family, and TXT messaged pretty much everyone in the world.

The “Christmas Miracle” this year, though, actually happened on Christmas Eve when a huge storm rolled through the area, dumping what felt  like a lot of snow.  So much snow, in fact, that it actually stuck to the ground!  We had a very white, stormy Christmas Eve and we had a white Christmas morning, even if it only lasted a until about 10:30.

Ho Ho Ho!


iPhone doesn’t take great low-light photos, but you can barely make out the blanket of white on the grass!


Here’s what was left on the bushes on Christmas morning!


It’s not all melted yet, but it’s going fast!!!


This requires no explanation.  (Merry Christmas, Tio)

A Plate of Cookies and a Message


Consider this your plate of holiday cookies and your annual “Christmas card” from WhiteEyebrows.

It’s been a good year.  You can read about it at my wife’s blog. I don’t have much to add to the events.  You all basically know what happened this year: we got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, did a lot of traveling, and learned to live with each other.  I still draw pretty pictures and Cisco, she still plays around with spreadsheets at JC Penney.  She wants a dog, I don’t.  We both work hard at church – I’m the Bishop’s secretary and she’s a counselor in Young Women’s.

What you may not know is this…

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Evening Song

My wife and I sing as part of a community choir called Evening Song.

This year we put out a new Christmas album titled “Carol Me Sweetly”.

(Coincidentally, we recorded it in the same recording studio that Vanilla Ice used with his 1990’s hit, “Ice Ice Baby”.)

Here is a sample of a song that both my wife and I sang in:

[flashvideo filename=”/video/ES-Away-In-A-Manger.mp3″ /]

CDs are available through the website.

Christmas Kickoff

I don’t think blogs about my day-to-day life are very interesting.

I think this comes from my mission where, after a long day’s work, I returned home to an empty apartment where there was no one to tell about my day.  The only other person there was my companion, and talking to him about it seemed futile because, well, he lived the whole day right alongside me.

Most of my blogs are themes-seeking-events where this blog is going to be more events-seeking-a-theme.

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Mao de Vaca

Those who really know me might know that I’m a tight wad.  On the exterior, yes, I seem like a pretty cool cat when it comes to money, but deep down nothing makes me more gleefully giggle with joy than money miser’d away in the bank.  In Brazil, I’m known as a “mao de vaca.” Literally translated, that’s “hand of a cow”.  Just let that imagery work for you…


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