I Have Two Words for Adam Lambert



Glad I’m not the only one in America who realizes that he isn’t God’s sole gift to music…

Being the only contestant EVER who was smug enough to actually “pick” between two groups of contestants (without a second thought), made this moment even more PRICELESS….


(holy crap… we beat out the emo-eyeliner-boy and the tweener?  amazing!!)

Food, Glorious Food

As my wife has mentioned in other nooks and crannies of the interwebs, I have mostly taken the lead in the cooking portion of our marriage.  I’m not that great of a cook, but I know my way around a kitchen and can follow a recipe.

I do grill a mean steak, though. This is one thing Texas has given me. (Thank you, Texas)

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Pig Flu, Plosives, and Pamerican Pidol

I’m following Rhia‘s lead here, and calling this disease what it is: Pig Flu.  No, it’s not swine flu (not that I think Swine is that much of an upgrade from Pig).  We need a good solid plosive to really portray our disgust at this disease.

What is a plosive?  If you’re not an English major or a vocalist, you may not know.  Plosive are consonants that make an exploding sound when you say them.  They rely on a certain amount of built up pressure behind your lips.  P,D,B,K, and T are the major ones.

Notice, all the best/nastiest words start with P

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Greeting Cards

We got a lot of GREAT cards for our wedding, and have been enjoying them on display for the last several months.  Well, they were starting to clutter up our lives, and we definitely needed to figure out what to do with them.

As we went back through them, we realized that there were some notable cards that we just had to share with everyone. So here are a few “made up” awards: (click on the cards if you want to see more detail)

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