Generous Me

Yes, you are SO LUCKY to hear from me again. I am generously helping out my stars-in-his-eyes, totally-whooped, still-on-his-honeymoon-he-wishes, love-struck brother.

Can you believe this? WHITE EYEBROWS DIDN’T RECORD AND WATCH AMERICAN IDOL LAST NIGHT! What is this world coming to?

So I graciously agrees to substitute for W.E. Now, I know you aren’t excited about this, seeing how nearly no one replied to my last post, but it has to be done, and I think I am up to the challenge.

*knuckle cracking* Here we go!
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But unlike last time, W.E. isn’t even checking this time.  He’s on his honeymoon.  And not even W.E. is geeky enough to blog on his honeymoon.  I think….

W.E. made the FATAL mistake.  The mistake was not deleting me as a guest user after the first commandeering of during his October D.C. vacation.  But lets all face it, W.E. has been very distracted lately with his whole engagement and getting married thing, and you have to admit that his A.I. posts have been lackluster. 

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Don’t Cry

I know what you are all thinking.  W.E. comes back tomorrow.  He will be back which means that TLS’s reign is over.  Today is my last day of free reign.  I know it’s sad.

Last night I dreamt that when we sold our other house and bought our new house, there was $22,000 that was never transferred to us, and so we had “bank error in our favor, $22K in our pockets”.  Boy was I sad when I woke up.  Continue reading Don’t Cry


I didn’t think that people would think that I was a ‘great’ person or anything from the commando story.  I am not trying to ask for pity, or anything of the sort.  I am not hero or anything else, I am just a normal very imperfect person!  I just think that, in hindsight, stories about your kids can be really funny.  It was just meant to be a funny story.  Not unlike the poop story… okay the poop story must be shared.  It’s funny…

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Going Commando

So, I decided a funny “family oriented” story would be a nice change of pace from W.E.‘s political rants. I have tons of hilarious stories about my kids, but thought I would just share one.

Ok, and sorry this is probably major birth control for all you childless people out there.

Background: I have four daughters.

E is 9,   J is 7,   K is 3,    and   S is 2.

They all have their own personalities, but K has been the most crazy of our kids so far. She is tiny weighing the exact same amount as S.

I am not using this as a bragging notation, but as an explanation on this kid’s energy level: she crawled at 4 months, pulled herself up to furniture and walked around it at 6 months, walked by 9. She didn’t sleep a full night until she was about 3. She had had 2 surgeries for her constant ear/sinus/eye infections by the time she was 15 months. This kid kicked my buns as a mom.

2nd background info: Hubby is a workaholic and travels a lot for work.

3rd background info: PTA as a “Reflections” contest at the school where kids can enter their “artistic creations” and get awards. Our oldest, E, is a great story writer, so I forced her (kicking and screaming) to enter the contest. She won at the school level and was going to get an award at the regional level. We got a call to come to the awards ceremony. Hubby was out of town. Here’s the story I wrote the night after the ceremony.

This was last year E is 8, J is 6, K is 2 and a half, and S is 1.

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W.E. is on Vacation

For those of you that rely upon W.E. for your daily enlightenment, I hate to break it to you, but WhiteEyebrows has gone on this year’s grown up vacation.  He’s been longing for a vacation that isn’t to his mommy’s house, so he is taking it this week.  We are all so happy for him.

But now, what will we all do?  Now that our W.E. is gone? 

AH HA HA HA (evil cackle) !!!

Don’t worry, folks, TLS is on the case! I have commandeered, and W.E. himself doesn’t even know it.  He will probably discover this when his desperate search for a Starbucks with free Wireless Internet becomes fruitful.   (Because he is with Tio on this trip and we all know that Tio is too cheap to pay the $15 a day for in room internet.  (Sorry, Tio, jabs come naturally sometimes.) )

Just you wait Henry Higgins…. Just you wait

(Oh yeah, you may want to reply to this post, saying how excited you are about my guest blogging, so that W.E. doesn’t delete my username and login when he sees this 🙂 )

School’s In!

Back to school is kicking my buns. I have been running like a banshee with my hair on fire. We have 3 soccer games a week, 2 soccer practices a week, 2 dance practices, maybe 3 if one daughter gets into the class she wants, 1 preschool, (twice a week), 2 elementary school with daily homework and spelling words, 2 piano lessons (and thus practicing every day), 1 activity days, 1 playgroup, maybe 2 if my friend talks me into her’s too, plus a new yard to fix up, a new house to still finish organizing, laundry and still at least 3 hours of scrubbing/cleaning a week. That just touches it. The point? I haven’t had any time to watch the political conventions at all.

I have been reading up on the conventions as much as I can here and there, but it really isn’t much. I know nothing really, but I do have to say, that when I do, and particularly when it comes to Bill and Hillary, I feel like I am back in high school.

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