A Few Thoughts on Sushi

My cousin’s post about eating her first sushi made me reflect on the few things I’ve learned about sushi in my life:

1. Eat something else before you eat sushi.

Sushi is not meant to fill you up and make you feel satiated.  That is what chicken fried steak is for.  Sushi is made to give you a light, delicate meal of many flavors and textures.  Don’t go trying to throw it down and fill up the tank.  Just sample a lot of different things, and then go hit Wendy’s afterwards if you’re still hungry.

2. If you smell fish, turn tail and run!

Fresh fish doesn’t smell fishy.  If there are nasty smells inside the restaurant, or if your particular fish stinks, ask for the check and run.

3. Be adventurous: it’s really quite good.

Try all sorts of things you might not otherwise try.  This is coming from the world’s most stuck-in-a-rut eater, but I enjoy trying various kinds of Sushi.  None of them are a huge commitment (only one or two bites) and you can easily get the bad taste out with some Diet Coke.

4. Bring your wallet.

Good sushi is pretty expensive.  Prepare yourself accordingly.

Following a Taco Truck

This morning, on my way to work, I got stuck behind a taco truck.  You know, this is one of those trucks that drive around town delivering hot, scrumptious, authentic Mexican food, mainly tacos and burritos, to a very loyal crowd of devotees.

I hate following trucks.  I usually pull all kinds of illegal and unsafe maneuvers in order to get in front of different trucks.  But today, I was mesmerized by the smells coming from this truck, through my air conditioning, and filling my car!!  It was a heavenly smell.  Fresh, handmade tortillas… mmm… Had we not been on a major thoroughfare, I would have gotten ahead of the truck and flagged it down. I’ve never wanted a breakfast burrito so badly in my entire life!

But for reals, what was I to do?  How does one actually go about getting food out of these trucks?  Do you just follow them until they stop?  Certainly they must stop somewhere.. but where?

It’s a mystery.