30th Birthday Party

So, when I started waxing philosophical in my last post, I forgot to mention one other thing about this birthday – and that’s the EPIC birthday party my wife threw for me.  Now, for the record, I insisted there should be no birthday party – but she ignored my wishes and threats of retribution and really went all out.

Somehow she kept the theme a secret, and she managed to pull off a BUNCH of photoshop work without even one consultation.  (If that auditing thing doesn’t work out for her, perhaps I can get her a graphic design internship somewhere…)  The theme was PLAYBILL (the broadway programs) – she had black and yellow balloons, a playbill cake, playbills with me on them, and – the most cool – a playbill of my life with all the major scenes, players, contributors, supporters, and even advertising.

It was epic.

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WhiteEyebrows vs Turning 30

Last Sunday morning greeted me at the same time as it does every week – 7:30am.  Thankfully WEJr had not chosen to beat my digital alarm to the punch hours earlier with his own alarm mechanism.  Gift #1 for my 30th Birthday.

I woke up, rolled over in bed and immediately thought – “Why am I this tired and sore?”  Granted, we had done some walking and some stressing on Saturday, but nothing that I thought merited my body feeling like it had been steamrolled through the night.

When I finally mustered the courage to roll my achy body onto my tentative legs (whew… they held up!), I caught a glimpse of my hairline in the mirror.  Yup – just as I thought – slightly thinner than yesterday.

After showering, I took a look at the state of my corporeal union.  Hmm – overall, no significant change since Saturday.  Final assessment: the battle line between overweight and B-roll-material-for-news-story-on-obesity was still raging, but I think I’m holding the line.

Yes – 30 has hit.

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The view from the other side of the bike

My coworker and friend posted a note on Facebook today titled “The Missionaries in my Neighborhood” that caught my eye.  At first, I thought it would be a complaint about those pesky, nerdy, door to door missionary tracting, but it turns out she liked regularly seeing these missionaries in her neighborhood!  Wow!  Blew my mind.

Here’s what she said:

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If I Were Mitt’s Political Strategist…

Many of my friends and family are Mitt supporters.  If you’ve followed my blog a long time, you’ll know I was really bullish on Mitt in ’08 as well.  I still think he would have been a better candidate in the general election than McCain.

My wife asked me the other day – if you a Romney’s strategist, what would you tell him?  And here it is…

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