My Poor Car

So my poor car has had it rough in 2007.

In mid-January, while parked in the parking lot at work, someone backed into the front left fender. Thankfully he was kind and honest enough to leave a note.

(Note to self, if I ever hit someone’s car, leave a note. That’s why the good Lord gave us insurance)

A few weeks later, and $1200 later for his insurance, I had my car back- good as new. The good news is, I got to drive a really sweet 4Runner while my car was in.

Well, just tonight, I was parked in my uncle’s driveway and my cousin, who has only had her license for a few months, came tearing out of the garage and ran right into the passenger door of my car.

Back to the shop it goes…

I wonder if I’ll get the 4runner back?

Targeted Advertising?

OK. Here’s the deal. I’m not a myspace addict. I’m lucky if i log into this thing once a month or so. I mean c’mon folks! There are more important things in your life than whether Billy put you in his top 130 friends. Gimme a break…

But I have put up with this weird social networking, mostly in the name of keeping up with some of my friends. …Until THIS appeared on myspace when I was logging in today:

Now, I enjoy a photo of a slutty chick as much as the next guy, but just because you found out my city’s name by your IP tomfoolery doesn’t make me any more prone to click on this ad. It just makes me hate advertising in general, and makes you look that much stupider. I KNOW there aren’t any of those girls here in Wylie. And even if there were, I wouldn’t come near them with a hazmat suit for fear of contracting some kind of STD by just looking at them. YUK!

However, please note, thou world of thoughtless online anonymity… you are not as anonymous as you think. Yes, they can easily tell your city, they can sometimes even tell your street. With a subpoena or a good lawyer they can find out what you’ve done on your internet connection for a long time.

And since you were kind enough to post photos of where you’ve been in the last 3 years, your home with its house numbers in plain view, your email address, your telephone numbers, and other personal information, you deserve the identity theft coming to you.

I sat on the plane by a man who repossesses cars for a living. Ever seen the show Repo-men? Well, yeah, that’s him. He said his #1 resource for finding people who have tried to disappear with their cars is MySpace. The idiots oftentimes post a photo of the car right on their public profile for anyone to see. I really couldn’t get over it, and almost shut down my profile completely.

Now you wonder why you all had to go through a retina scan to be on my private friends list. I’m not exclusive, just careful. Working for the company who makes much of the internet possible, I understand even more the security risks.

Let the stupid targeted ads remind you, you are being watched! (and most likely by me)