How God Speaks to Man

Many people ask, “if God exists and loves as much as everyone says he does, why doesn’t he speak to us like he did in biblical times?”

This video of Jeffrey Holland, an Elder of my church, gives an incredibly poignant summation of what I believe regarding the necessity of an open scriptural canon as evidence that God truly does love us… (ignore the annoying musical underscoring)
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I’m 420 Unfriendly

A few days ago, I was engaging in a new sport that my older brother introduced me to: personal ad perusal.

Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain this sport… it’s not that you peruse the personal ads to actually find someone to date.  You peruse the personal ads to:

  1. see if you know anyone in there (this works super well in smaller cities like we’re from)
  2. to laugh at the desperate people when you see how many different ways they can come up with to say “I’m not attractive, but super fun to hang around with”

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog… I was participating in this sport when I ran across the phrase “I’m 420 friendly.”  Not knowing what this meant, I turned directly to the font of all knowledge and truth: Google.

Come to find out, “420” is a numerical euphemism for marajuana use.

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Ten Days in 45 Linear Inches

So last night I worked a miracle… I know, I know, you’re not supposed to cast your pearls before swine, but this one is just too good not to blog about.

Yesterday I mentioned that I will be leaving for vacation.  Well, last night when I was packing I got this wild, hair-brained idea… Could I — just could I — pack everything into one carry on?  Business travelers do it all of the time, so why can’t I?  If I am ever to travel for business, I’ll need to master this art anyway…

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Love is a Bagel and Other Thoughts

Earlier this year, I wrote about the coming economic storms and how the word “bagel” was my euphemism for a recession.

Well, here we are about six months later and we still have not had an official bagel yet – that we know of – but we are enjoying record high prices on almost every staple of life, from gas to food to iPhones…. oh wait… iPhones are cheaper than they’ve ever been.  Never mind on the whole “staples of life” bit.

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Memory Lane – More Useless Stuff About Me

I have decided that I need to participate in more posting of useless information about myself.  Of this week’s posts, the one with the most views, most comments, and most enjoyment was the one where I (against my will) wrote random stuff about myself that most of you already knew.

But, alas, you’d rather hear me make up stuff about myself to sound interesting rather than pontificate on other extremely weighty, philosophical matters.  (Good on you, I would too… some of my posts go way overboard and are far too long…)

So here goes “tagging” exercise #2.  This one sounds fun, cause it involves you…

  1. Leave, as a comment to this post, one memory you have of me.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you know me a little or a lot, you must comment.  I am not posting another thing until there are an obscene number of comments on this post.
  3. If you don’t know me at all, make something up.  Creativity counts.  I make up half the stuff I put on this blog anyway, so why should you be bound by honesty? (extra points if you can fool others into believing that your fake memory was actually real)
  4. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t say to my face, or to my mother’s face, cause both faces will eventually read your comments…

Good luck!

SYTYCD – Top 10

First let’s talk about some top 10 group dynamics.  I am stunned that 4 of the 10 are hip hoppers, and for the first time two of them actually have a decent shot at the top spots.  The other 3 are making a serious go at the various styles, but I felt pretty strongly last week that Gev should have gone before Thayne.  He was clearly much less capable.

Mary Murphy said one thing that was slightly brilliant tonight:

Dancing doesn’t build character so much as it reveals it.

And here’s what was revealed tonight:

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Celebrating Singleness: “Getting” Married and “Having” Kids

Lately I have been thinking about what my life will be like after I “get” married and “have” kids. How will I change?  How will my life be different?  What will be similar to now?  Will I ever get used to having all those strangers around me all the time?

I have noticed, during my short and very single life, that many people want to “get” married and “have” kids.  From the time I was born I have been told to “get” married and “have” kids.  I don’t think it is an accident of the English language that we use the phrases “get married” and “have kids” either.  Think about those words… GET and HAVE…

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