SYTYCD – Top 10

First let’s talk about some top 10 group dynamics.  I am stunned that 4 of the 10 are hip hoppers, and for the first time two of them actually have a decent shot at the top spots.  The other 3 are making a serious go at the various styles, but I felt pretty strongly last week that Gev should have gone before Thayne.  He was clearly much less capable.

Mary Murphy said one thing that was slightly brilliant tonight:

Dancing doesn’t build character so much as it reveals it.

And here’s what was revealed tonight:

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SYTYCD – Top 14

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, contemporary dance ruled the evening!  We now have a few more one word reference dances.  You know, those are the ones like the “table” or “bench” routine that we can all just say one word and remember the dance.  We now have the “shirt” routine and the “mattress” routine.

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SYTYCD – Top 18

Sorry for no post last week on the top 20, but I think they got the kick off right on! I will certainly not miss the two they kicked off.

As for last night? I just have one letter to send to Mary…

Dear Mary Murphy,

Where exactly is the “Tra la la place in [your] heart?”

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So You Think You Can Dance Begins

Well my reality TV fans, there is no rest for the weary. The day after the American Idol Finale, we’re back on with a 2 hour start to the sister show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

I wasn’t even going to post about tonight’s show, but after seeing this guy, popper Robert Murraine, I couldn’t help but post a video. This guy is absolutely amazing!

[flashvideo filename=video/sytycd-popper.flv /]

It’s gonna be a great season!