Tech Support

I really love it when my friends and family (especially those who I haven’t heard from in years) call me up for technical support.

Look, if the only conversation we have happens once or twice a year for technical support, don’t bother calling.  Instead, please refer to the following diagram which explains exactly how I solve your problems…

Yes… I am about to bestow upon you the secret formula to becoming a successful “computer person”…

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Simple Truths: AIG is Corrupt

What kind of company takes


(yes, that’s BILLION)

from the taxpayers, because their company is going to fail and cause financial armageddon if it does… and then gives its crooked leadership


(yes that’s MILLION)

in bonuses and ‘retention payments’ for causing the mess?

I don’t care if it’s how financial professionals are compensated.  When I do crappy work, I dont’ get compensated… In fact, I’d be at home collecting unemployment if I did as bad a job as they have.

In fact, sometimes (currently) even when I do GREAT work, I don’t get my bonus… because of the greater economy.

To make matters worse, we’re told that although the government now has an

80% ownership stake in AIG

there is nothing our representatives can do to get that money back.


We should be (and I am) completely outraged.

Anyone else with me in filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of the American People against AIG, naming the federal treasury as an accomplice, over this highway robbery of our hard earned money?