I’d like to propose a change in our country’s social security system.

The way I see it, generationally speaking, families are having fewer and fewer children with each passing generation. My grandparents had 11 kids. My parents had 5. I will be lucky if I even get a mickey mouse handful*

At the same time, we’re not sure we are going to have enough money and labor in our system to pay for the children of the baby boomers who are now entering our social security and medicare systems.

My solution is the following:

Put the married, under 35 year olds all on Social Security. Pay them a decent living wage just to stay at home and make babies, raising a large next generation. Make all the 62 year olds through the totally decrepit go back to work.

This way, we young people have all the liberty, time, and resources to reproduce that we need, and we get some economic value out of all those old farts milking the system for all it’s worth.

Whaddya think, Ethel?

* for the record, mickey mouse has 3 fingers and a thumb.


6 Responses to A Proposal

  1. Grape says:

    What do you mean…milking the system, you donkey, I paid into the system for over 55 years and now you accuse me of milking the system. And by the way…I enjoy being an old fart…just so I can enjoy listening to you young snot-nosed want-a-b’s whine.

  2. Ha ha! Yes! It’s about time I got you to comment on something, Grape. I knew it would take some hugely inflammatory post like this… 🙂

    I’ve missed ya on my blog and I had to get you back somehow!

    (I was just kidding about making you go back to work, ya wing nut – you’d probably get bucked off a tractor or something and break your other shoulder…)

  3. Mike says:

    I think it could work – we need to put you in Washington to bring some fresh thinking to the table!!!

  4. A2 says:

    Ha, and you are just talking Social Security… What about government pensions?!?? Talk about milkin’ it with my tax $$ while all the rest of us non-public and non-pensioned folk sit around watching our 401k’s disappear.


    Oh well, respect your elders, right?!???

    PS. Grape, I like it when you call WE a donkey. It makes me smile 😉

  5. Big Bro says:

    Hey you are not too far off from the way we live anyway. “buy social security now, pay later”…

  6. alanna says:

    🙂 I laughed really hard. Thanks WE.

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