My Poor Car

So my poor car has had it rough in 2007.

In mid-January, while parked in the parking lot at work, someone backed into the front left fender. Thankfully he was kind and honest enough to leave a note.

(Note to self, if I ever hit someone’s car, leave a note. That’s why the good Lord gave us insurance)

A few weeks later, and $1200 later for his insurance, I had my car back- good as new. The good news is, I got to drive a really sweet 4Runner while my car was in.

Well, just tonight, I was parked in my uncle’s driveway and my cousin, who has only had her license for a few months, came tearing out of the garage and ran right into the passenger door of my car.

Back to the shop it goes…

I wonder if I’ll get the 4runner back?

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