A Childhood Love Affair with VHS

Growing up, we didn’t often rent movies, but we had a few VHS tapes that we’d use to record various movies off of TV.  Most of these movies came from the Sunday night “Wonderful World of Disney” program, which always had a prologue recorded by Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney.

Another program we religiously watched was Shelley Duvall’s “Faerie Tale Theatre”, short remakes of classic fairie tales with up-and-coming stars.  The Duvall family must have had a LOT of luck, or a LOT of dirt on Hollywood, or maybe it was just a good eye for talent – because the star studded list is pretty impressive: Liza Minelli, Billy Crystal, and Jeff Goldblum were among the stars who appeared in wierd costumes reciting some pretty craftily prepared lines.  My favorite Faerie Tale Theatre was “The Princess and the Pea,” starring Liza Minelli.

We wore out these tapes.

Wore.  Them.  Out.

A few years ago I ran across the entire Faerie Tale Theatre collection at Costco on DVD!  It was like finding a hidden treasure.  I skipped up and down the aisles, excitedly waving two copies above my head, pretending like I had won the super bowl.

The other night, I sat my wife down to show her the treasure of my youth: The Princess and the Pea

… and she fell asleep.

For reals — dead asleep.

Maybe she just didn’t understand the importance of this moment.  I mean, she might as well have fell asleep during our first date, or during our engagement night.

But that’s OK.  I understand.  Some day, my love, you’ll understand the beauty and importance of this program.

7 thoughts on “A Childhood Love Affair with VHS”

  1. Ha ha! I don’t think it had anything to do with the movie – we T girls can fall asleep through any movie… what was that intense movie that I fell asleep during… Mission Impossible? I don’t know, but we’re pretty good at dozing. Good job A2.

  2. Aud- Oh no, now Sam knows you are not perfect 🙂 What really irritates Ron is when I watch most of a movie and then go do something else with out finishing it.

  3. You found ALL the Faerie Tale Theatre episodes together?? Oh, I’ve just updated my Christmas list!!

    Don’t worry about A2, she’ll come around. The one I remember best was Cinderella, with a very young (very cute!) Matthew Broderick as the prince. Ah, memories!

  4. oh, i totally loved the wonderful world of disney. i still remember watching the disney castle come onto the tv and tinkerbell descending to light it up. ah, the good old days!

  5. WE, please don’t hold this terrible indignation against A2. It’s my fault entirely. I just didn’t bring her up right. We didn’t have any way to record anything when I was growing up but we, as a family, always watched Disney and then Bonanza on Sunday evenings. Although not LDS (then), this was our equivalent of Family Home Evening. Mom always fixed soup and sandwiches or pizza and we all ate together in front of the TV. Great times!

  6. Did you ever try to record something without the commercials? It was always stressful to be the one to sit there with the remote and your finger on the pause button wondering if THIS commercial was going to be the one to end the commercial break.

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