Why would WhiteEyebrows be posting about Halloween in August?

Halloween is the single holiday of the year that I least enjoy.  After years as a “theater person” I concluded that Halloween was just an excuse for non-theater people to do what theater people do the other 364 days of the year – dress up, put on makeup, and scare the bejesus out of the world.

However, last weekend while we were hosting family, there were a few suggestions thrown out there for the Father/Son WhiteEyebrows/JR team to be this year for halloween.  You may register your votes/opinions:

Dr Evil and Mini Me from the film Austin Powers

Thank you to Carlton* for the suggestion of Dr. Evil and Mini Me.  We would even have our own soundrack… “Just the Two of Us”

Also – thank you to Mr Braun (who inspired this post) by commenting on my previous post and suggesting a costume that was ALSO suggested by family at this party:

Charlie Brown

Yes, Eli has a nice, round, Anderson head.  Though it’s normal size, according to the Doctor’s measurements, he really only needs a yellow shirt with the squiggle and we’re set.  The question is; what I would I go as?   Snoopy or Linus?


One thought on “Halloween”

  1. I showed the video from the previous post to a co-worker and asked her what Eli should be for Halloween. Her first response was “Mini Me”, and then she said, “Oh, wait. Charlie Brown. For sure.” I think the Mini Me/Dr. Evil would be fun, but I still vote for Charlie Brown … and then you could go as Snoopy. Or Lucy, if you prefer. 🙂

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