25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me (Or what I’m thinking right now)

  1. I didn’t get tagged by anyone on Facebook to do this.  I guess either no one loves me anymore, or everyone is just sick of hearing from me.  Either way, it doesn’t matter.  I’m doing it anyway.
  2. I am pretty sure I am one of the first people who ever used the internet. My first connection was at 14.4kbps.
  3. In recent years I’ve become a bit of a word-nerd.  I really enjoy painting pictures using language.  I have to do this since I have absolutely no talent for drawing with a pencil and paper.
  4. I won my 5th grade science fair with an exhaustive understanding of my project on How Electricity Works.  I was the nerdy front man, and my Big Brother did all the work on the actual model/presentation.  I got a $75 savings bond for first prize, and a $50 savings bond from the PTO.  Those bonds are now worth $167 if I cash them in.
  5. I think science fairs were invented just to help the nerdy kids who are bad at sports feel good about themselves.  And they work.
  6. I really love weekends.
  7. I’m looking forward to changing back to a family congregation at church.  I have loved my singles congregation, but am ready to move on.
  8. I lead the choir in my church congregation.  Last week we sang, and it was kind of a musical wreck, but I still had people who came and gave me sincere compliments on how nice the music was.  I am now convinced that 90% of people have no clue what good choral music sounds like when they hear it.
  9. I feel my universe shrinking now that I’m engaged, and that kind of scares me.  This is a whole blog topic all by itself.
  10. I am now wondering and trying to figure out how much my EE Savings Bonds will be worth when they reach full maturity.  No online calculator seems to know the answer to that question.
  11. I really enjoy a variety of different things.  I consider myself a bit of a renaissance man.  I have even learned to enjoy sports and rock music, thanks to my brothers.
  12. I often wonder who is blog-stalking me.  It doesn’t worry me, but I wish they would have the huevos to make themselves known in the comments.  I also wonder who “Bocudo” is.  I still haven’t figured it out.  Whoever you are, thanks for the comments.
  13. I am kind of a comment whore.  I comment on everyone’s stuff online.  Why?  Cause what I have to say is really important, of course!
  14. It’s not that I have to be right all the time.  It’s just that I honestly believe that my ideas are genuinely better than everyone else’s – until I’m conclusively proven wrong.
  15. I think the hardest thing one can learn to do is fully communicate a vision you have.  I am a creative person, and basically this is what I went to school to learn, and I still think I’m only partly-good at it.
  16. I’m really sad for those people who are losing their jobs right now.  It’s scary because it’s not just folks who are working at a random jive job, who can just go flip burgers somewhere else… These are people who are losing their careers.  They can’t just go down to the corner drugstore and offer to design their microchips for them.
  17. I obsess a bit about the things I write online.  I wonder if they are too personal sometimes.  I would classify myself as healthily paraniod.
  18. Being totally messed with by another person seems to be a common rite-of-passage into adulthood that most people go through.  Although we’d like to believe that everyone out there is good, there are people who really want the worst for you and want you to be miserable.  I feel sorry for those people.
  19. I’m not good with numbers or spreadsheets.
  20. I wish the world could run off of good feelings rather than money.
  21. I have never cared who won the World Series or the Super Bowl.  I only consider such events good excusese to host or attend house parties.
  22. I pee’d my pants in the second grade when my really mean teacher got mad cause everyone was asking to go to the bathroom. George stood up for me, insisting that my pants were just that color.  George and I were never really friends, but I have always appreciated him sticking up for me that day.
  23. I have recently started wondering if anyone from my elementary school class every amounted to anything.
  24. I think music is the best way to record and recall particular emotions.  I associate music with seasons of my soul.  There is fall, spring, summer, and winter music.  Some good examples: “Singles Ladies” one of my newest Winter tracks, Fine Frenzy is indellibly linked with Spring in my heart, “No Air” and “Bleeding Love” are definitely Summer tracks,  “Rent” is indellibly Fall.  Any time I want to change my personal season, I change my playlist.  There is also music associated with going to sleep at night.  And music associated with driving.  Whatever you do, dont’ listen to the go-to-sleep music while you’re driving.
  25. I regret the fact that my children will never have the childhood I had.  They are bound to be more shut in, more hovered over, more obsessed about, and too well taken care of.  I’m a little surprised that I’m feeling so strongly about something so cliche, but maybe there’s something to cliches.

11 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Me”

  1. I may have you been on the first to the internet thing. My first modem was a 2400 baud masterpiece. (This was back before the web had graphics and you had to use either Gopher or Lynx) Ah. Those were the days.

  2. In regards to #12:

    I will honor your request – you may be sorry.

    About Aug/Sept. of last year I had a stalker, I knew who they were. I freaked, was COMPLETELY upset, and in a fit of absolute rage, deleted my blog and basically walked away from the blogging world.

    Last night, I decided it was time to dip my feet back into the water. So if you saw on your sitemeter “Mesa,AZ / length of stay: a gazillion hours” or maybe it says, Phoenix, it was me. (not that “me” makes it ANY clearer for you – cause yeah, I’m a complete stranger!)


    I was happy to get caught up on the life of WE and was so happy to hear you’ve found your puzzle piece!

    You are so eloquent in your writing and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving along and I start thinking about that “Puzzle Piece” post and apply to different people I know. At the time you wrote it, I had a sister who had recently walked away from a 30 year marriage. As soon as I read your post, it was all so clear as to why. So thanks.

    Also, congratulations on the engagement! Very exciting!

    P.S. I went on your wedding site, SO cool! And your bride to be is a cutie!

    P.S.S. #9 Why????

  3. Lana…

    You’ve commented before, so I wouldn’t exactly classify you as a “stalker”… but you HAD disappeared there for a while. Made us all nervous. Good to see you venturing out, even if it’s tentatively.

    Thanks for all the kind words, and stay tuned… I’ll be posting on #9 extensively soon.

  4. Elizabeth is offended by comment #9. Helloooooooooooooooo…why would you need more friends when you’ve got her?!?!?

  5. #9, you ain’t seen nothin’ until you have kids. You think your world, is shrinking wait until you can’t go anywhere because it’s RSV season.

    I agree with you and YFC being perfect examples of #14

    #2, I always thought mom was cool because she subscribed the internet when it was first invented.

    The music thing was weird.

  6. #14 Before anyone can truly ever be worth listening to, they must first realize that they know nothing Mosiah 4:5-7; Moses 1:10. If we ever get to the realization that we know nothing then we can truly begin to learn about that subject. Anyone who knows everything has no depth and there is no real reason to listen at all. Sir Issac Newton said it best: “I know not what others may think of me, but as for myself, I see me as a child on the seashore finding a pretty shell here and there whilst the whole ocean of truth lay undiscovered before me”. Lord help us all to first realize our nothingness.

  7. I like #22 the best….what was the problem when you pee’d your pants in the 8th grade? On the item about your children, teach them good things and they will be normal people….yup…

  8. I can vouch for Lana, she’s family – slightly distant, but still family, and she’s awesome!

    Looking forward to the engagement post – I promise not to give you too hard a time.

    I didn’t tag you on Facebook cause I thought you hated tags! But I’m glad you did it anyway.

    (And I must protest on the choral music point. I led the choir in my last single’s ward for a year and loved it. I think the congregation loved it because it was music from the heart amplified by the Spirit, and it was truly beautiful!)

  9. You know, Ugly Uncle, you’re absolutely right. And I hope #14 doesn’t give people the impression that I’m uncorrectable, unteachable or that I don’t listen. In fact, I consider myself a great listener and consider-er of other ideas. But the truth is, (religion aside) I’ve never been a great follower. Unless you’ve really convinced me, I’m sticking with my own shtick.

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