30th Birthday Party

So, when I started waxing philosophical in my last post, I forgot to mention one other thing about this birthday – and that’s the EPIC birthday party my wife threw for me.  Now, for the record, I insisted there should be no birthday party – but she ignored my wishes and threats of retribution and really went all out.

Somehow she kept the theme a secret, and she managed to pull off a BUNCH of photoshop work without even one consultation.  (If that auditing thing doesn’t work out for her, perhaps I can get her a graphic design internship somewhere…)  The theme was PLAYBILL (the broadway programs) – she had black and yellow balloons, a playbill cake, playbills with me on them, and – the most cool – a playbill of my life with all the major scenes, players, contributors, supporters, and even advertising.

It was epic.

She also asked FavUnc and the Band to play some live music at the event which really spiced things up. Thanks to FavUnc for the party pad and all the family for all their work to make such a fun party happen.

And now, for the pictures.

And now… as a little bonus (and just because my dad requested it on Fathers’ day) here is a little clip of me singing with FavUnc and the Band one of the epic songs of my childhood singing lessons… Stray Cat Strut:

8 thoughts on “30th Birthday Party”

  1. WOW! What a cool theme! Your wife rocks. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I hope all your wishes come true. Happy bday, Sam!

  2. I knew that Aud had to have inherited some of my “creative thinking” in her somewhere- she just had to find it 🙂 It’s mostly been in hiding ever since OM 🙂 Great job. Looks like a very fun party. Glad you made it back in time to be there for it 🙂

  3. Awesome! Love that “30 and still jumping”. Way to go Aud and way to turn 30 WE! Luckily you get a chance to get her back…

  4. My favorite thing is that the “White Eyebrows – the Musical” playbill picture required no photoshop! That was a real picture of WE – after he had climbed up on an empty column (vacant of a statue) in the Boboli Gardens in Florence. Haha, good thing he didn’t get caught! I was too short (and chicken) to get up there but I documented more than one statue pose. I think WE is much more of an attraction than the David, don’t you?!???

  5. First of all, the stray cat strut will never be the same because you don’t do the box step twirling the fake tail anymore. Second of all, I am glad that you had a wonderful birthday.

  6. Welcome to the 30’s unfortunately I think aches and pains come with it but the little ones help you forget! Happy B-day, love the video!

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