Vacations are amazing things.  They give us a break from the current rut we are in, offer enjoyment, pleasure, and typically involve going to a new or exciting place. 

My vacations, however, seem to defy all of these definitions. 

I typically work during all of my vacations.  I keep up on work email, and am often out promoting my side business.  I typically go to my parent’s or some other family member’s house, and I rarely go to a place I have never been before.  My vacations are enjoyable, but busy.  I try and see as many old friends as possible and catch up with all their goings on.  I think I sometimes return from vacation more tired than when I left. 

In a sense, I guess what I’m doing is reconnecting with my past; the people and locations that I love.  I’m not sure why I feel a need to do that, but it is a rewarding, positive thing to do.  Many great people and experiences make up the memories of my life, and why not re-experience them in some way?! 

Why do I write this?  What is the point?  I’m not really sure.  It just came out.  It’s one more little paradox in my life. 

Maybe I need to start calling my vacations by a new word.  How about returnifications or reconnectifications?  Sounds good to me. 

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