AI Sucks Right Now

We’re not there yet, folks.  We’re almost there… Just hold your breath for one more weekend.  Top 36 are being announced next week, and then we get to the actual singing and less of Ryan, Simon, large men dressed in bunny suits, and censors over people’s hands and mouths.

So… why do the AI blogs suck?  And why can’t I get inspired to blog about American Idol?  And why aren’t I staying up until 2am grabbing video and screen shots and being really creative and making awesome posts that you all will want to read?

My conclusion is: because AI sucks right now.  I’m interested in watching the auditions and Hollywood week, but I don’ t think they show anyone or anything really worth talking about, except the Judges and Ryan.

Here is a graph illustrating why my interest and enjoyment are affecting the blog quality:


3 thoughts on “AI Sucks Right Now”

  1. Haha yeah the group auditions were pretty dramatic last week. I’m glad those are over! I want to get to the good performances and enjoyable entertainment rather than what we saw last week with all the fighting and crying.

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