American Idol – Top 9 Reviews

here is how it will go down:

Ace is off. He is statistically the one with the greatest chance, having been in the bottom three three or four times now. I am sick of his “put on”-ness like the rest of america. He is good looking and he knows it, and he hopes it will keep him on the radar.

There was such a huge gasp and shock last week when Katherine was in the bottom 3 that her base is mobilized and she did a great job yesterday. She is safe this week. On a side note, she is pulling ahead as one of my favorites. She has been consistent and has stood up in more genres than many of the other contestants.

That being said, you only have to be good in one genre to be a superstar, so Chris is still in the lead and safe this week. He even proved that he could convincingly sing a love song this week which will further energize his base.

Kellie is safe. She was the only one to really shine in the country thing, despite just an all right song choice.

Bucky… I don’t know. He had a chance tongiht to make a case for his staying here. I think he’s in the bottom 3 tongiht. America saw how poorly he did what he supposedly does best, so he’s in the bottom 3.

Taylor and Mandisa… both niche singers… both totally out of their element tongiht. Mandisa was my underdog favorite ever since she sat in the chair and forgave Simon and preached him the word. However, my impressed-ness of her blowing my hair back with her enormous pipes (and hips) is starting to wear off. She needs to show that she has money somewhere else than in her high screamy Jesus lovin’ notes.

Taylor sounded sick to me. He approached the song with no excitement, energy, and wreckless abandon as he ususally does. He was holding back for soem reason. I think they are safe by virtue of their HUGE fan base.

I think america is getting sick of Paris. She is one of my early favorites (from the audition cities) but her childish antics, her constantly changing style (although it is good style), her little chicken little dance, her bawling every time a contestant is voted off, and her guaranteed career based on her family connections have all convinced me that she is NOT the right winner for this competition. She’s still too young to handle a superstar music career. She will be off before the top 5.

Elliot is growing on me. Yeah he can sing OK. I’ve never been uber-impressed by his voice, but what is impressing me is that he can sing in all of the genres they are throwing at him. He is making good song choices, he is real and a great guy. Teeth aside, I’d like him to stay for a while.

So my bottom 3… Ace, Bucky, Paris. Sionara suckers!

Note to AI producers: COUNTRY!?!?!?!?! Give me a break! If we wanted to hear country singers we would turn on Nashville Star. This is american IDOL! We are looking for a pop star. Simon hates country, I hate country, and so should you!

Next 9 weeks:
1. Ace
2. Bucky
3. Paris
4. Elliot
5. Kellie (she may last longer as all of bucky’s votes will go to her)
6. Mandisa
7. Taylor (will not last this long if he doesn’t remind us why we love him)
8. Kathrine (I think america, starting this week, will start noticing her more)
9. Chris (the clear winner, as of right now)

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