Auditions – Week 3

This week, Simon and Friends went to Salt Lake City and Jacksonville – two of the most boring cities on the planet – so it’s not super suprising that things were slightly unremarkable this week.

First of all, we can’t get through this blog without mentioning David Osmond.  Yes, friends, he is a Mormon, and thus we can soon add him to the pantheon of Mormon idols born on this television program.

I predict David will go to top 12, but it’s anyone’s guess after that.  He’s a seasoned performer, so will do well if he can choose the right songs and somehow get America (the non-Mormons) to somehow endear him.

Speaking of Mormons and American Idol, I’ve actually been working on a well-researched post about Mormons who’ve been on American Idol for some time now, as that topic is one of the most googled on my blog.  It will come out soon – but now that we have a confirmed Osmond sighting, it’s just going to have to take on a whole new life of it’s own.

I was expecting more out of Salt Lake.  Really.  I thought it was nice that the Judges though Utah was so nice and the people were so nice.  (At least we Utards leave a good first impression…)  But I really thought SLC would produce many more ringers than they showed. Hopefully, I’m right and their editing just hacked away the good people.  Think they’ll get a moment on camera in Hollywood?  We’ll see.

But at least Simon got bear hugged by a pink bunny rabbit in Salt Lake.  That was almost as terrifying as the big bird lady from the other year…

Jacksonville had one person who I just have to mention, and that’s my dear bearded friend who was a physics major.  All I can say is, what possessed him to come out and audition?  Was it a dare?

But my favorite auditioner of the night was the girl at the very end who compared herself to Mariah Carey and who couln’t carry a tune in a front-end loader.  … And they thought it was a joke audition… and it wasn’t.  Wow!

In honor of that, I put together a video/sound clip of my best fake auditions that I would do if I was on American Idol.  Please stay tuned when I post them later this week after I get them off of my friend’s phone.  (Jordan – send them to me ASAP!)

Cowell… Out!

4 thoughts on “Auditions – Week 3”

  1. Mr. Osmond was my brothers roommate in NYC for a while before he remembered that his dad is rich and he doesn’t really need to work for a living. Good luck to him!

  2. I thought that girl’s audition was also a joke. Normally, I am not caught in that like Simon is, but I honestly thought that girl was kidding, and she knew she had been put through only because it would be funny and her friend could drool over Randy. She acted like she knew it was a joke, but then when she broke down, I was surprised too. Funny. Well, I agreed. It was kinda boring, and so I am glad that Hollywood week is next week.

  3. I finally made it through most of the SLC auditions (Thank You, DVR!). All I can say is: I guess they call it ‘Happy Valley’ for a reason.

    Oh, and Goth Girl? If she’s gonna dress like that, I’ve got two words: Jenny Craig. 🙂

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