But unlike last time, W.E. isn’t even checking this time.  He’s on his honeymoon.  And not even W.E. is geeky enough to blog on his honeymoon.  I think….

W.E. made the FATAL mistake.  The mistake was not deleting me as a guest user after the first commandeering of during his October D.C. vacation.  But lets all face it, W.E. has been very distracted lately with his whole engagement and getting married thing, and you have to admit that his A.I. posts have been lackluster. 

So never fear!  I am here to solve all your problems and give my opinions to the evening of A.I.  I am so thoughtful and giving.  He didn’t even ask me to do this….

First I must say, with so many great songs to choose from, it must have been hard for the contestants to choose.  Some of the choices were good some of the choices were surprising.  Let’s get down to it….

1. Matt Giraud – Let’s Get It On.  What a choice!  A classic Motown song.  Matt is really great.  I think that he made a smart choice starting out at the piano then getting up.  I didn’t expect it, but he even had a couple of moves that were really surprising.  But it brought some intensity to the song which it kind of needs considering the material. 

2. Kris Allen – How Sweet It Is.  Kris has such a likeability.  He is one of those guys in high school that was just naturally cool.  I actually disagree with what Simon said, I think he stands there with such a confidence just being so cool with himself.  I think he mixed the song up enough as well.  OH yeah and did you notice that Paula is stepping up the intelligence of her comments.   TWO comments tonight where she tried to guess the highest note they hit, like she had perfect pitch or something.  BA HAHA HA  don’t knock yourself out laughing.

3.  Scott – You Can’t Hurry Love – I have always liked Scott.  I think that he is a person that reeks of hope.  I think that society can learn a lot from Scott.  You look at his composure and his (in)ability to stand there comfortably and you learn that the rest of us must spend a lot of time looking in the mirror training ourselves to look relaxed, cool and confident.  But I like his vulnerability.  I know that W.E. thinks his singing chops aren’t that great.  However I think his talent is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Megan.  Oh yeah and the coloring books were great.

4.  Megan.  PLEASE don’t vote for her.  Put her out of her misery.  I firmly believe that she is in it only because they needed more women, and they didn’t want a “boring” girl.  They wanted someone different.  But I think we have all had it with the 10 notes she can hit.  For heaven sakes, she “cawed”  after Rockin Robin.  She is um…. well, she needs to go home…. please.

5. Anoop – Oooo Baby Baby – They gave him way too much credit.  It wasn’t that good.  There were lots of notes that wavered off the pitch.  I am surprised he picked this song.  I am surprised the judges were so kind.  I was a little bored.  I won’t lie.

At this point, I have to say, I was really wondering, besides Matt, where was the magic of the top ten. 

6. Michael Sarver – Well, I don’t think it’s his turn to go home, but I don’t think he has that many weeks left.  Sure he’s interesting, and has a good backstory, but I think he’s running out of tricks in his bag o’ tricks!  Even though it was an upbeat song, I was bored.

7. Lil Rounds – The judges had this one right.  This was her MOMENT….. or rather it was supposed to be her moment.  Why wouldn’t she pick something with more soul with more… Cara said it right, more breathing room on the notes to show off to bring down the house.  She’s got the voice, just where is her moment? 

8.  Adam Lambert – Ok at this point.  I am not expecting anything special from anyone, cause if it didn’t come from Lil Rounds then who was going to bring it?  Um, little did I know, Adam had it all waiting for me.  HOLY COW.   I was mesmerized.  It was fabulous.  Can you truthfully believe that falsetto?  I think he was into soprano ranges.  I think W.E. would add a video of this one.

Crust, I can’t get it to work. And it’s almost midnight…. forget it go here if you want to see it.

Oh yeah, and I love the look.  He looked great.

9.  Danny Gokey – He is a huge front runner, so I figured they wouldn’t say anything bad.  Even though his performance was unimaginative boring and exactly copycat to the original.  Snoozer.

10.  Allison –  She surprised me.  She whipped it out.  She stayed with her personality and it was a fun performance.  I was a believer.  The judges say “you’re only 16” to every young contestant, but I really can’t believe she’s 16.  She doesn’t seem that young, honestly. 

How’d ya like the mexi-stache on Paula.  Weird.  I think they are getting desperate to up ratings.


1. Adam

2. Allison

3.  Matt

4.  Kris

5.  Lil

6.  Danny

7.  Michael

8.  Scott

9.  Anoop

10.  Megan

3 thoughts on “BWAHAHA AHHA HAHA”

  1. Nice Work TLS.
    Even though WE didn’t blog we did catch this AI episode on Saturday
    nite (that’s when it airs in CR apparently.)
    You got it spot on! I like Allison better than Adam and I’m
    still waiting for Matt to make a statement…

  2. You know I adore you, TLS, but I must respectfully disagree with you & W.E.’s opinion of Megan. I love her – I think her voice is fun and funky, and a relief sometimes after hearing people belting out their tonsils in an effort to wow the judges.

    But I agree with the rest – I don’t usually care for Adam Lambert, but I thought he and Matt and Allison were the best of the night. I was so relieved when Matt didn’t go home!

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