Following a Taco Truck

This morning, on my way to work, I got stuck behind a taco truck.  You know, this is one of those trucks that drive around town delivering hot, scrumptious, authentic Mexican food, mainly tacos and burritos, to a very loyal crowd of devotees.

I hate following trucks.  I usually pull all kinds of illegal and unsafe maneuvers in order to get in front of different trucks.  But today, I was mesmerized by the smells coming from this truck, through my air conditioning, and filling my car!!  It was a heavenly smell.  Fresh, handmade tortillas… mmm… Had we not been on a major thoroughfare, I would have gotten ahead of the truck and flagged it down. I’ve never wanted a breakfast burrito so badly in my entire life!

But for reals, what was I to do?  How does one actually go about getting food out of these trucks?  Do you just follow them until they stop?  Certainly they must stop somewhere.. but where?

It’s a mystery.

3 thoughts on “Following a Taco Truck”

  1. um, you come to my house by about 5:30 am, and if you stay till about 1:00 pm you will have your choice of about 30 DIFFERENT trucks.

  2. It’s really no mystery. You could probably visit any construction site around noon and get your yummy tacos. And there are some permanent “trucks” set up that make your yummy tacos as well but they are in Oak Cliff and some parts of Downtown Dallas but it’s nowhere I would go alone. So, unless you know somebody, your probably out of luck. Then again, I dare you one day to follow that truck and see where it leads you.

  3. I’m totally not above stalking a taco truck until it gives me what I want…but I’m 7 months pregnant. What’s your excuse?!? 🙂

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