Christmas Recap

It’s the day after the big day.  How are you holding up?  How was your Christmas?

Ours was very nice.  Life is good at the WhiteEyebrows household.  We enjoyed a fun, low key Christmas together.  We opened some gifts, ate breakfast, enjoyed some time with FavUnc and family, and TXT messaged pretty much everyone in the world.

The “Christmas Miracle” this year, though, actually happened on Christmas Eve when a huge storm rolled through the area, dumping what felt  like a lot of snow.  So much snow, in fact, that it actually stuck to the ground!  We had a very white, stormy Christmas Eve and we had a white Christmas morning, even if it only lasted a until about 10:30.

Ho Ho Ho!


iPhone doesn’t take great low-light photos, but you can barely make out the blanket of white on the grass!


Here’s what was left on the bushes on Christmas morning!


It’s not all melted yet, but it’s going fast!!!


This requires no explanation.  (Merry Christmas, Tio)

3 thoughts on “Christmas Recap”

  1. Hey WE, nice pictures…..yup….beautiful lights and just a fluff of snow….what more could one ask for. And I had the privledge of seeing Tio in real life with the Fargo hat adourned upon his head…pretty scary. I am glad that you had a nice Christmas with your lovely companion. Life just can’t get much better, what do ya think Vern?

  2. Sam, your house looks BEAUTIFUL! Love the lights and the snow just makes it absolutely PERFECT! I hope you and Audrey had a wonderful first Christmas together. Miss you guys!

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