Don’t Cry

I know what you are all thinking.  W.E. comes back tomorrow.  He will be back which means that TLS’s reign is over.  Today is my last day of free reign.  I know it’s sad.

Last night I dreamt that when we sold our other house and bought our new house, there was $22,000 that was never transferred to us, and so we had “bank error in our favor, $22K in our pockets”.  Boy was I sad when I woke up. 

I woke up to see Hubby packing his bag to head for California, again.  Yes, that’s where he was last week.  And then I remember that then end of this week is the (stupid) deer hunt and he’ll be gone for 4 days for that.  Then, I remembered that the next week he leaves for 1 week, 7 full days, and over the weekend for back east where he will pull all nighters get single digit hours of sleep for those 7 days and pull all kinds of heroics to ‘save the world’… I came downstairs to see the damage done by ‘keeping the sabbath day holy’.  I think they should call it instead ‘making mondays torture.’  so I was really loving life this morning.  Mondays…

Now, he’s gone to work, and I remembered, today is his actual birthday.  I didn’t even say happy birthday, or even sing to him.  What a great wife I am.  Now I have to call, tell him I am sorry.   Ok did it.  It’s all better now.

It’s still Monday though, back to real life, back to cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring.  It’s fun, but also crazy.

So happy birthday to my hubby and happy columbus day to all of you out there.  Instead of having a bad monday like my day started out, (but now is improving) do something exciting for Columbus day.  I don’t know what … how does a person celebrate Columbus Day?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Cry”

  1. I dress head to toe like Columbus, complete with hat, stockings, cape, and fluffy bloomers. My students think I’m super cool.

  2. How about I hole up in my office and pretend to work while I read blogs and eat grapes? Does
    that honor Columbus in any way? Ummm…give me a second and I’ll think of something…how about
    the fact that people think I am working when I am not is kind of like Columbus thought he was going
    to find the West Indies (or was it the East Indies?) but did not…okay, it’s kind of a stretch,
    but whatever. Yay Columbus!!!! There, honored…check.

  3. You know, Columbus started the ball rolling on what became a rather nasty foot note in history. Ask the native population in North America how happy their ancestors were to have been “discovered” and subsequently colonized. Didn’t mean to bring a downer on this blog, but Columbus wasn’t a totally great guy and the results of his actions are somewhat dubious. Having said that, I like where I live … so I’m just conflicted.

  4. Yup, as they say, history is written by the ones that survived the plagues, conquered the oppressed, and won the wars. It is often relative.

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