Fall TV Preview: Audience Participation Edition

OK.  I was short on inspiration today for a blog, so I’m going to go with a topic I’ve been actually avoiding lately, but knew I would have to face sooner or later…

The Fall Lineup.

I’m not thrilled about TV.  The formula goes something like this, find a hit, then beat the life out of it for a few years while searching for another hit.  TV is like Fast Food.  Whip it up really quick, consume, defaecate, and repeat; with varying quality and relatively ZERO shelf life.

Every once in a while this tired recipe does actually creates some GREAT television, though.  Something that just hits on all cylinders, makes perfect sense, and fits the time perfectly.  The West Wing, Seinfeld, Cheers, Friends, and others.

Here’s my take on this year’s lineup.

FOX’s House is nearing a critical point. The writers and producers will have to pull a hat trick this year to keep it alive.  Last season was less than memorable, and we are all passed the moment of shock and awe that Hugh Laurie is actually faking the American accent.

NBC is hanging on by a thread, and betting the farm on season two of Heroes.  It was a big surprise from last year, and the most anticipated show of the year.  Hopefully the writers have had an active summer dreaming up an exciting follow on.

Brothers and Sisters was one of my favorites from last year, which I hope gets some good press this year.  Yes, I know it’s like a little self-indulgent domestic drama, but the point is, it has some real seriousness to it, and a bravery to tackle social issues, and even disagree with itself in points.

CBS has been promoting the life out of it’s newest reality show Kid Nation, and for good reason.  The concept certainly draws out your childhood fantasy and works in a 30 second pitch, but can they make an actual show out of it?

Also a surprise for me last year was Shark, a lawyer drama that got past the Law and Order formula, and concerned itself a little more with the life of a defense attorney turned prosecutor who is trying to be a single parent too.  It has good writing and some heart.

I purposefully ignore Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty, mostly because I know pretty much nothing about them.

I’m looking forward to FOX’s new Kitchen Nightmares after I surprisingly fell in love with Chef Gordon Ramsey in this summer’s Hell’s Kitchen.  I don’t have high hopes for the show itself, but will certainly look forward to being entertained more by the Chef.

Now… here’s the audience participation part.  Everyone reply with your take on the Fall Lineup.  Having trouble starting?  Try responding to these questions:

  1. Favorite show from last year?
  2. Show you are sick of seeing the promos for?
  3. Show you wish woud be taken off the air?
  4. New show you are looking forward to?

That should get you started!  I look forward to reading the responses.

3 thoughts on “Fall TV Preview: Audience Participation Edition”

  1. I am most pumped for Grey’s Anatomy and The Office.

    I am not sick of hearing promos for Kid Nation, but I am sick of all the controversy. What are they going to do about it, it’s already happened and now they are just airing it. Let’s enjoy it and stop looking for reasons to sue.

    Okay, I think Survivor and The Bachelor have had a good run, but shouldn’t the life span of a reality show be a little shorter. I hate it because I always seem to get sucked in and then am annoyed that I devoted hours of my life to such stupid shows. However, I am pumped about Dancing With The Stars and bring on AI, is it coming back this fall or is it early next year?

    I am not sure if I am looking forward to any new shows, but I will say one that I am not looking forward to, Cavemen.

  2. I forgot to give at least an honorable mention to AI. It doesn’t start until the New Year though. *sigh*. We’ll have to find something else to do until then.

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