Farewell Brother Hinckley

gordonhinckley3.jpgI will miss the way you used to wave to everyone with your cane.

I will miss your clarity when speaking on religious subjects.

I will miss the simplicity and purity of your personal convictions, of which you so often spoke.

I will miss the simple humility in which you walked around the world, accomplishing miracle after miracle.

I will miss your guiding hand over our great religious endeavor.

I will miss your grandfatherly jokes and wisdom.

I will miss the way in which you were unafraid of any question from any person.

I will miss your warm, disarming responses to those questions.

I will miss the pure love felt through each word you spoke.

I never knew you personally, but join the ranks of the millions who felt like we were your best friends.

God be with you, dear Gordon Bitner Hinckley, until we meet again.

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