Fred Thompson – Ne’er a solid answer to be found…

Sunday morning on Meet the Press, Fred Thompson was grilled…

  • War in Iraq – he thinks we should be there, but get out, and we have some progress on the ground, and that the generals should decide things, but that we should not be there and that we were wrong for going there.
  • Abortion – he is personally pro-life, but against constitutional ammendments or laws to prohibit abortion. he thinks its ok for woment to get abortions and that state’s should have the right to make their own laws.
  • Gun Control – he is against having guns on campuses, but thinks students ought to be able to carry guns on campuses, and would leave it to the state to make their own laws, and for the campus to have their own rules.

This is just a small sampling of the backwashed beating around the bush answers he gave for 30 minutes. Apparently his strategy for winning is to not have a position on anything, and thus be for everything and everyone, and not give anyone an excuse to like him or hate him.

Really? Is that the best you can do? But what else can I expect from a man who took a full year to even have a well-articulated position on whether or not he was running!

Here’s a good example.. listen to his answer on the gun issue.

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