Greeting Cards

We got a lot of GREAT cards for our wedding, and have been enjoying them on display for the last several months.  Well, they were starting to clutter up our lives, and we definitely needed to figure out what to do with them.

As we went back through them, we realized that there were some notable cards that we just had to share with everyone. So here are a few “made up” awards: (click on the cards if you want to see more detail)

Most Fun / Unique Cards


Coolest 3-D Card


Most Glittery Card


(seriously, this thing is COVERED in glitter on the front!)

Coolest little card


Card that traveled the greatest distance (Bulgaria!)


Most Funny Card


(says: “The ‘rice coordinator’ was later fired”)

Most Inappropriate Card


(It was actually a Birthday Card)

Cards for Word Nerds like Me


Most Duplicated Card


Homemade Cards


(We LOVE these!!!  Nice work, yo!)

Now to give you an idea of the great array of cards we had to choose from… it was a very difficult job!  Our family room has been COVERED….



Thanks everyone!  We felt very loved by your cards!!!

One thought on “Greeting Cards”

  1. 🙁 My card of the headless couple didn’t make it. Oh well, at least I was featured for my artwork in the guestbook. 🙂

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