High School Flashbacks

A friend did this on her blog and it brought back some fun memories for me…


Did you date someone from your school?

Not really.  I went on dates, but never had a serious girlfriend in high school.

What kind of car did you drive?

1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.  I think every high school student should have to drive a car that is as old or older than they are.

Were you a party animal?

If by party animal, you mean that I stayed after school every day for an extra two hours, even when there was no reason to stay, and that I was involved in every aspect of the arts I could get my hands into, then yes, I was a party animal.  No, actually I was a pretty big nerd.

Were you considered a flirt?

I didn’t think so until I read my yearbook a few years ago.  Dan B called me a bad word because I had flirted with a friend of his and led her on… but I never knew it… So if being nice to girls qualifies as “flirting”, then yes… I was a total flirt.  I pretended like I was a womanizer, but was really still afraid of girls.

Were you a nerd?

Again, yes.  Thanks for rubbing it in.  But being a nerd opened doors.  I was the head technician of our theater my senior year, which scored me a faculty parking pass and a set of keys to the school, so I could get in whenever I wanted.  This made for awesome late night Mario-Kart-on-the-big-screen parties.

Were you on any varsity teams?

No.  I am not athletic.  I was in band, choir, drama, and had a p/t job some of the time.

Did you ever get suspended or expelled?

No.  The worst that ever happened was when Mr Palmer (vice-principal) got mad at me for taking some friends up through the secret hatch onto the roof of the auditorium (the highest peak of the school).  Apparently some parents saw us up there and freaked out.  They thought we were going to jump.

Who were your favorite teachers?

Mr Eaton (Drama) – Countless hours of private counseling and tutoring.  He trusted and empowered me.  He wisely let students do the work, even if it resulted in a slightly worse product.  “Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.”

Mr Lister (Choir) – Dedication and total commitment.  The man gave up his lunch hour to start a men’s chorus.  He inspired me to be the best I could, and not settle for mediocrity. He never did. Dedication, commitment, and hard work can beat lazy talent any day.

Mr Holt (Band) – A true patriot.  And never afraid to drop a 4 letter word if it would get us to shut up.

Mr “C” (Christensen) (Math – all 3 years) – “Good luck, have fun, it’s just a test.”

Mrs Jacobson (English) – Let me be the class clown and attention hog I always wanted to be.

Mrs Hazen (AP English) – First class where showing up and putting in average work got me only average grades.  The only truly college prepratory class I had.

Could you still sing the fight song?

No.  I had to reuse those brain cells for learning my college’s fight song.

Where did you sit during lunch?

Out in the hallway by the auditorium.  Lots of good memories here… especially when Heather stole the blanket I started bringing to school at the end of my sophomore year.  She still claims it is her blanket, and she still has it, I think.

What was your school’s full name?

Pine View High School

Did you go to Homecoming?

Yes.  I went to all the dances.  But the worst part was that you had to elaborately ask and answer, too.  This was dating in High School, and it was so exhausting that I never went out on ‘regular’ dates.  I didn’t discover how fun that could be until much later, unfortunately.

What do you remember most about graduation?

I remember walking through the big PV.  I remember that Mr Eaton was the faculty speaker at our ceremony.

The better memory, though, was that for Senior Honor’s Evening (the big brag session on the night before graduation).  They decided to call us up in reverse alphabetical order, which put me 2nd to last to go through the line.  Because I was the head technician in the theater, I got all of my minions to rig up some fog machines, thunder sounds, and lighting effects to all go off as I walked through the PV.  It really surprised everyone, especially the ones in charge of such an event.

Where did you go senior skip day?

I think there was a big controversy because they weren’t going to let us have one.  And I can’t remember if they did or not… which goes to show that I must not have done anything exciting for it.

Were you in any clubs?

Not really.  We had a drama club just to say we had one, but we never did anything.  I think I was the president of it my senior year.

Have you gained some weight since then?

Yeah.  I thought I was fat in High School, but now I’d give an arm and a leg to go back to that size. (and that’s what it would probably take)

Do you plan on going to your 10 year reunion?

Hoping to make it.  It will be next summer.  Wow.  Ten years goes by fast!  I have noticed, though, that only those students who actually moved away are the ones who even care to come back for these things.  The ones who stuck around my hometown… not so much.

2 thoughts on “High School Flashbacks”

  1. So fun. I wish I had been at your senior honors evening, I would have enjoyed the theatrics. This blog tag inspired me to look for my old photographs because (and I know this sounds terrible but it is just that I have lost a significant amount of brain cells over the last few years) I couldn’t for the life of me remember who I went to homecoming with. That is not to say I don’t remember who I went to dances with, I just couldn’t remember which dance was which. Check the blog over the next few days for more crazy pics.

  2. Lisa Nuffer clued me into this blog – I feel terrible that I wrote something like that in your yearbook! I’m sorry! I hope to catch up with you at the reunion!

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