Holiday Gift Idea #4

Dear Female Readers,

You  might be wondering: “How am I going purchase that <insert electronic device here> that my husband wants this year?”  Maybe you don’t have much experience in megapixels, contrast ratios, gigabytes and megaflops.

Never fear!  WhiteEyebrows is here with a solution to your problem!  This year, with the economic crisis sending some of the most craved electronics (products manufactured by Apple Inc.) out of your price range, you should consider making the single electronics purchase that you don’t have to know anything about anything to make…

Vintage Computer Equipment!


Yeah, Nerd is in, but are you sure your man measures up to the Nerd yardstick?  You want to test your man’s true nerdiness?  Get him a piece of e-junk that is over 20 years old and see how he reacts.  If he jumps out of his skin with excitement, you have hit the Nerd jackpot!  If he says, “I’d rather have an iPod,” you totally got a poser!

So where do you start looking?  Try your local Thrift Store or Junk Yard.  If no luck there, try online – but I’m warning you that Nerds everywhere will drive a hard bargain to part with their Apple IIe, TRS-80, or Atari.  (Mint condition, please.  At least throw in some original packaging or manuals.)

These items are quickly becoming collector’s items, and in 50 more years will be worth 1/2 of what you originally paid for them.

I love technology.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Idea #4”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I think it’s time I pull out my Atari 2600 and 45 cartidges and play some old-school gameage. Q-bert anyone?

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