Holiday Gift Idea 6

Men… it’s the old standby.


Bling. Yes. Jewelry. No woman’s life is complete with out it (for some strange reason).

Also, I have observed that size and shimmer currently outweighs actual authenticity.

But gawdy jewelry is also distasteful in the wrong setting. Remember that jewelry should be simple and tasteful, classic and ever lasting.

…And also disposable. How many people have put the ring in the drain and had to pull out the clumps of hair from the trap until they found it? Ewww…

One thought on “Holiday Gift Idea 6”

  1. Disposable? I once called my home teachers over at 9 at night (in tears!) when I accidently dropped my engagement ring down the drain. I’ve never prayed so hard in my life! I spent the time waiting for them alternating between praying they could get it out and trying to figure out if I had enough money in my account to buy a new one before hubby got home! (They managed to get it out relatively easy, so I suppose all’s well that ends well, as they say…)

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