There are only a select few times when I actually laugh uncontrollably when I’m totally alone. I think uncontrollable laughter when you are all alone is kind of embarrasing, cause there’s no one to laugh along with you…

… but this time I couldn’t help myself!

I have finally found someone who took everything I feel about Simon Cowell and wrote it down in a heartfelt, lovely song.

Here it is in all its brilliance: (this is worth every second, trust me)

I echo all those words. Simon you are great person. Cause you give everyone a chance to sing on the free media.

Only my hometown of Dallas could produce such amazing talent!

I’d also like to show you one more piece of… ummm… talent…

This girl was very concerned that in her embrace we might just see a little more than we bargained for:


It was a little funnier in the video, but she was pulling the back of her dress down. Good girl, but next time, just wear a longer skirt that doesn’t bring so many.. errr… liabilities with it.

One thought on ““… I AM YO’ BROHDER …””

  1. I always knew there was a reason that I do not delete A.I. after I watch it. I have to hang on to it long enough to read your post and so if I missed something, I can go back and watch it. I totally didn’t notice that girl pulling down her dress. That’s what she gets for wearing a shirt as a dress.

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