I Couldn’t Do It Without You

Today I am paying homage to my top 10 referrers.  These are the sites who are responsible for sending a great deal of traffic to my website.  These blogs and websites are the hard-hitters, the trend setters, and the ones to whom my fantasy popularity is all due!

1. Google.com

Thank you dear Google for your love of words and images and for your parsing all of my words into beautifully unique search terms. Here are a few of the funny phrases people have used to find my blog:

  • “excuses for not wanting to cohabitate”
  • “ten most painful things”
  • “accidentally going commando”
  • “a contraption to carry things downstairs”
  • “can singleness cause misery”
  • “is pelosi a communist”
  • “excuses for being a voyeur”

(that last one is a bit disturbing…)

2. Facebook.com

Yes, Facebook is for more than just quizzes, status updates, and tracking your friend’s love lives.  I also get a fair number of my friends who click over from there to here!

3. The Brauns

Besides being our good friends and American Idol watching buddies, the Brauns are just good, bright, intelligent people… and it shows!  I mean, like attracts like, right?  All those bright intelligent people who read the Braun’s blog immediately click over to WhiteEyebrows as well.  I can’t fault them for their brilliance.

4. MyFamily.com

This is my mom’s side of the family.  Frankly, I don’t know what they’re clicking on over there to get redirected over here, but I’m glad to know they are.  Hellooooooo!!!  I know you guys are really my #1 readers, but since most of you are smart enough to know how to type w-w-w-dot-w-h-i-t-e-e-y-e-b-r-o-w-s-dot-c-o-m into a web browser’s URL bar, I am assuming most of your hits are being tracked under “direct hits” rather than referrals.

5. Josh and Lindsie

While motherhood has certainly taken its toll on my cousin Lindsie’s blogging, it certainly hasn’t stopped her friends and internet stalkers from clicking over here.  While I have no cute baby like her to show off in pictures, I do have a lot of meaningless rhetoric, which is almost as fun as a cute baby…

6. Rhia Jean

Rhia’s independent, spirited, scared-spitless-of-wildlife blogging voice is quite unique to these here interwebs.  First, I have to say that I’m proud that at least one of Red Oak, Texas’ finest products knows how to use the internets.  In all seriouslyness, though, I’m just glad she hasn’t taken me off her links, even though I’m clearly positioned right now in the “bad friend” category for not really carving out some time to just hang.

7. My Mother In Law

Proof positive that social networking and blogging is being taken over our parents and grandparents!  You used to think Facebook was for the young, until your parents sent you a friend request…  Actually, for the record, my mother-in-law’s blog is only #7 because she’s only been linking here for about 9 months, while others have had much more time to accumulate stats.  Her readers are currently the fastest growing demographic on WhiteEyebrows.com, and I’m sure they are getting a lot of enjoyment watching me figure out how to be married.  In another year, her reader’s link-throughs will likely rival Google.

8. What Mormons Like

This is just plain fun, although Brigham doesn’t blog quite as much as he used to… As he pointed out to me once, sometimes you can only take a joke (or premise for a blog) so far.  Something I wish “Seriously So Blessed” would also realize.

9. Past The Moon

Thankfully, my wife’s blog just BARELY made the cut.  Again, this is saying a lot since her blog has linked to my blog a very short amount of time compared to the others here, but what would a husband be without his companion blog?  Thanks for all A2’s friends who are now my friends, just by virtue of marriage.  I never thought I could be so lucky – or so highly scrutinized.

10. Where’s My Laptop

Lana is the only person in my top 10 (besides Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google) that I don’t actually know in real life or have never talked to.  But, her spirited comments and blog-support have been welcome, even though she’s been falling in and out of that “going private” bandwagon…

Thanks to all of you who read and link to WhiteEyebrows.com.  I continue to try and keep things interesting here.  Feel free to suggest anything I can do to mix it up, do it better, or help you enjoy the ride more.

Meanwhile, buckle in for another 500 posts…

8 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Do It Without You”

  1. Well, well, well…THAT was a nice & totally shocking little surprise, being that I give the blog NO LOVE lately! thanks.

    Okay, now to why I REALLY came to comment. Guess what I did this morning? I sent my Scout hating, camp hating, total introvert, non-sport loving, socially challanged 13 year old boy to SCOUT CAMP!!!! And for the last few days all I could think of was your scouting post. I was coming here to get an update and see how your Scout Camp adventure went. Is it wrong that I TOTALLY have to bribe him HARDCORE to do these things? I can completely relate to the love/hate relationship with scouting and it being part of the YM program.

    Okay, I’m off to see if there are more comments on that post and if you did a follow-up.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. If I knew you in real life, and I actually came out of my cave every now and then, I think you’d really like me!

  2. I need to add a couple more thoughts, and yes, I DO KNOW this is not a scouting post, but that is where my head is…so yeah.

    1. He (my son) ALWAYS comes back saying he had a wonderful time. It’s just a matter of getting him out the door to do it. Part of this is his nature/personality, not necessarily the “scouting” aspect of it.

    2. The time commitment on leaders is INSANE! All the leaders in our YM have at least 3 kids under 6. They are gone ALL. THE. TIME. That’s all- I will stop my rant , before I REALLY get on a roll. 🙂

  3. Thank you very much and… yes we are watching, you better behave yourself 🙂

  4. Ha ha! Lana, you crack me up.

    We had quite a spirited debate over that topic which led to a part 2 and a part 3.

    At the end of the day, 12-13 year olds usually still have pea sized brains, and are therefore still resilient to bad parenting. So don’t worry about scarring him for life or anything.

  5. Well, *sniff*, I guess this wasn’t an EXHAUSTIVE list since my blog is so fabulous and popular that you must be getting, like, BILLIONS of hits from my site.

    Ok maybe not, but I think I get credit for Lana at least! She is my cousin’s husband’s aunt, and she is AWESOME!

  6. No seriously. When you receive your blogging Emmy, we’ll consider ourseles thanked when you mention the little people.

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