I Dare You Walk Down These Stairs

I decided to bequeath the award once more…

I Don't Hate It

This goes to a friend from a long time ago, and her masterfully delightful design/personal blog.

Her post yesterday is one of the few things that I remember making me smile this week… and it was all because of this picture:


…which is basically my childhood dream!!!  And totally reminds me of sketches I used to draw during church of similarly ingenious contraptions to use all around the house.  (I’ve always dreamed of a fire pole from my room to the downstairs!)

That picture led me to this…


… which totally blew my mind!!!!  Yes, that’s looking down a flight of stairs.  They are the most unusable, inaccessible stairs in the world, but hey… they are amazing!!!

Thanks for making me laugh out loud Tai, and congratulations on the award!!!  Neither one of these staircases I would ever manage to walk down… and for completely different reasons!

2 thoughts on “I Dare You Walk Down These Stairs”

  1. that’s pretty popular around here, to have a tube slide in your house from the main level to the basement play room. Though it isn’t by the stairs like that one. It’s on the other side of the house or soemthing. Why don’t I have one?

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