I Love Airports

I love airports. They are exciting.  Everyone is either going somewhere or coming back from somewhere.  There is movement.  There is anticipation.

Then there’s also exhaustion… lots and lots of exhaustion.

I’ve often wondered why some business travelers insist on wearing suits and ties onto the airplane.  My brother-in-law informs me that this is because they’re always worried about who they might meet, and want to look professional.  I think they are plain nuts!  Especially if they are flying coach with we common folk.

So while at the airport today, I noticed a man standing outside of security drinking a gallon of distilled water, as if there was no water on the other side of security – or maybe even no water where he is going. He has a clearly coordinated fashion theme: red baseball cap, backpack with red highlights, red strap around his grayish black hardcase luggage, and carrying a plastic shopping bag which is a similar shade of red. How one man gets so many red accents in one place is beyond my comprehension. And there he stands, drinking and drinking his gallon of distilled water.

One man, clearly double the age of the woman walking next to him, says a long passionate goodbye at the security entrance. She then walks off, revealing her short jean shorts which do not hide her cottage cheese legs. Clearly not the right choice of bottoms this morning, ma’am…

Then, I went to the restroom and noticed I have a DOT candy melted onto my shoulder. Exactly how it got there, I’m not really sure.  The only time I recall having interacted with a DOT candy was yesterday (Saturday) at aproximately 1:37pm, when I instructed one of my nieces to spit it out if it didn’t taste good.

Then my flight was cancelled… looks like i’m not coming home today after all.  This calls for a large frowny face… 🙁

But look at the bright side – tomorrow I get to go to the airport again!

4 thoughts on “I Love Airports”

  1. I hearby declare myself unresponsible and unindictable and unaccountable for any candy spittage that may have occurred. Especially if you asked for it.

  2. Really? DISTILLED water? I find drinking distilled water to be odd to say the least, let alone a gallon of distilled water. Whatever.

    Yes, clearly not the right choice of bottoms. Ewww.

    I didn’t know anyone actually ate DOTS anymore. I find them repulsive, which means I totally agree with your niece. Hum . . . maybe she just wanted to leave you something to remember her by and ran out of sparkly stickers? (That is something I would’ve thought was a great alternative as a kid.)

  3. I always feel sorry for the business people in suits–how awful to have to travel so uncomfortably, just in case you luggage doesn’t show up and you have to meet clients in the clothes you stand in. Not the life for me, thanks!

    You know, DOTS have a great shelf life, you can easily transition from one Halloween to the next. Not that I would know, personally-I’ve just heard from a friend…

  4. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with you…I do not like airports for the following reasons:
    1. They smell like all government buildings…like urine.
    2. How often do those seats get cleaned? Hmmmmm….????
    3. EVERYONE takes off their shoes in the airport…
    4. Now it smells like feet and urine.
    5. Janette and I missed our flight home out of Dulles because they never called our flight to board. We were told we should have known it was boarding when the people around us got up. I’m not sure who looks like the bigger idiot in this situation…me or the airport but it did not make me like airports any better.
    6. I used to get lost at DFW all the time.
    7. Nobody that works there ever smiles.
    Wow. I feel like Debbie the Downer. Mwah-mwah-mwah…

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