I’d Like to Thank…

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  This year we hosted most of my family here in Texas, and the weekend turned out really nice!  We really missed my sister and her family who were in Washington DC doing classified stuff, but we tried to have as much fun as possible without them.

Since my aunt took care of most of the Thanksgiving dinner, I was able to spend a little more time baking and doing other meals.  I made another Triple Chocolate Mousse cake for thanksgiving dessert, and also baked a homemade Red Velvet cake for Ben’s birthday celebration on Friday.

We had a traditional thanksgiving dinner with Turkey and heidi’s YUMMY stuffing!  Oh soooo good!  We also were able to squeeze in the obligatory trip to Steak and Shake for my Mom.  It’s her new favorite joint, and she’s excited that one will be opening soon in Vegas.

Mom brought the first “batch” of baby stuff, and we made a trip to Joann’s to pick out a quilt panel with her.  She is just too excited about this stuff, and I say bring it on!  I love having the hand made stuff.  And I have a slight feeling with a couple of very craft grandmas and aunts, we’re going to have plenty of it.

Sorry.  No pics of that stuff yet.  I’ll get A2 on that, stat!

Now its back to work.  Ugh.

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