Idol does Omaha

Let’s talk about Chris Burnheisel. Wow… he is like a little nuclear reaction ready to run out of control at any moment. He actually reminds me of Ross the Intern from the Tonight Show. All I can say is poor Fox 42 who now has to put up with his dumb whiny voice.

Some great quotes from last night’s AI episode:

RossTheInternWannabe: <geting more and more exicted> “I would do it in a heartbeat. Oh and I gave them gifts. I GAVE THEM GIFTS! OHHHH and THEY LOVED THEM!”

Simon: <after being given a present> “Can’t we just have money.”

Paula: <getting ready to arm wrestle a Nebraska girl twice her size> “My God, your skin is so beautiful!

Randy: “No… completely not right… … wrong.”

Simon: <to Paula> “You go be insincere for five minutes so Ryan can be a judge.”

Ryan: <under his breath> “This is the easiest gig ever.”

Simon: “What would your friends say about you entering American Idol?”
Rocker dude: “Well, they obviously want the best for me..”
Simon: “No friends ever do…”

So… after they lambasted Ryan for telling the girl to stop fidgeting, Paula says, “One thing I wil say is that your showmanship need a bit of improvement.” And Simon says, “yeah, that’s a good comment.” Poor Ryan. He’d make a good judge. Maybe me and Ryan can take Randy and Simon’s place in 2 seasons.

Oh and… nice jazz hands and gold lame sparkles. uhhhhhhh

Overall, Oh-maha was unimpressive.  Just a bunch of copycats and wannabes.  No real original voices or personalities.

“Other door”

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