I’m Pregnant!!!

For those of you on my Facebook, this will not be news… but…

I’m pregnant.

Well… actually… I guess the appropriate term is “we’re” pregnant.  At leaste that’s what people say these days, “We’re pregnant.”

I’m guessing this is supposed to indicate that the pregnancy is a joint/team effort, and that, as a husband/father, you are involved and supporting your wife/partner as she goes through her pregnancy.  I still kind of wince, though, when I say this.  Despite the woman’s best efforts to make the man as miserable as she is during pregnancy, the woman is still bearing the brunt of the pregnancy.  Sure, they may ask us to go at odd hours of the night to find some random food they insist on consuming, but let’s be honest, we’re not getting larger and having all our internal organs pushed around inside ourselves by some alien spawn.  I feel more comfortable saying WE’RE expecting – but SHE’S pregnant!

So, first, the obligatory questions:

What is it?

We don’t know yet.  We are hoping for a human.  A2 really wants a boy.  Badly.

Yes, we are going to to know as soon as possible.  In fact, we’ll be finding out NEXT TUESDAY!  I don’t really get those who want to wait or be surprised.  I guess this is because I just don’t care either way.

When are we due?

March 15th – ish.

How has A2 been feeling?

Pregnant.  The first trimester was challenging because she just didn’t feel well.  She wasn’t sick enough to throw up most days, but just didn’t really have an apetite, and didn’t feel like going out or doing anything.  She was always tired, and sometimes a little cranky.

This made me nervous for our Italy trip, but the second trimester started the day before she left, and she felt great through the whole trip.  (Might have something to do with all the sleeping in and relaxation we did!)

Her latest “feelings” are mostly feeling like something is rearranging her insides.  She wakes up every morning feeling like muscles and things are stretching and pulling everywhere.  But, generally, she is feeling good and bearing the rearrangement of her insides well.  My wife is completely unflappable.  She is awesome.

Are you excited to be a parent?

Well – yes and no.  I guess I just don’t have visions of everyone holding hands and spinning in a circle for all eternity.  I’m far too aware of the reality of the long-term pain, cost, and struggle that raising children can be.  I know it can be a joy as well, but I’m under no delusion that it will be easy.

It’s like asking if you’re excited to go on a mission.  You know it’s going to be awesome, but you know there’s going to be hard days and difficulties.  You don’t know who your companion is going to be.  You don’t know whether you’ll like life on the other side of the ‘big change’ as you did before.  You just hope you can adapt and do your best.

Bottom line: Yes.  We’re excited to have our own children to screw up and who can blame us for all their problems.

I’m sure the WhiteEyebrows blog will become quite the mecca of parenting pontification in the next few months and years.  As we prepare to make this transition, I’m sure I’ll be pouring my thoughts out on the blog… or not.

Where are the pictures?

If you read to this point, that means you deserve to see a few pictures, right?  🙂

These are old, from our first ultrasound at our first appointment.  We’ll have some better ones next week!

7 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant!!!”

  1. Yeah-Congrats!!! I can’t wait to hear what gender you are having-there is nothing like hearing that hearbeat for the first time or seeing all of your little one moving and functioning on the ultrasound. Bring tissue. 🙂

  2. Do you know why women think childbirth is the worst pain in the world?………………because they have never been kicked in the nuts.

  3. I always enjoy your writing style. 🙂
    I’m so excited for you guys. Sounds like you have realistic expectations. And since Aud is one of the coolest people on the planet…it’s going to be a fantastic ride.
    Enjoy. It goes quickly. No seriously, time speeds up when you have children. A lot. We’re talking warp speed here.

  4. P.S. I appreciate how you honor the pain and suffering that women go through to bear children. This last pregnancy I pretty much puked my guts out for 3 months straight and frequented the hospital for IV rehydration. Yeah, that bad. And childbirth… [*insert shudder*]

    bennyboy, very true. However, men must think that because they’ve never been kicked in the nuts for 6 hours straight? Or 9? Or 18? 🙂

  5. WE, you make me laugh.

    Alanna, you make me laugh so hard I cry! I shudder at childbirth too (and afterbirth and recovery). Yet somehow that one moment when you first hear your baby cry and see their squishy face is beautiful enough to do it all over again.

    And ask A2 if she still has that picture of her as a baby/toddler hanging in the tub that used to be in our room at Heather Court. I hope your baby looks like that. 🙂

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