iPad, iPhone, iProblem

“Smaller iPads Due Later This Year”

Uhh… don’t they call those iPod Touch?

And what’s going on with the “grip of death” problem and possible recall from Apple with the iPhone 4?  Has Apple lost its way?

Would Apple ever do a recall of any of its products?  No.  They are way too arrogant for that.  Heck, they should just give out the “bumper” with every phone and call it good.

One thing’s for sure, someone’s in big trouble in the industrial design department.

Why is Apple compromising product functionality in the name of design?  Oh wait.  It’s Apple.  Dr Ive and the Design Gods rule.

Come to think of it, Jony Ive resembles another evil doctor we are all familiar with…

Not a good month for Apple (except for that whole selling somewhere around 10 million units and making billions of $).

2 thoughts on “iPad, iPhone, iProblem”

  1. It’s God’s way of humbling the greedy iBlah Blah users who have to have the new everything.

  2. Here is another point of interest- rising dress prices in China are Apples fault. I will have to call you with that story.

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