Lame Travel Weekend

Coming home from our Memorial Day weekend, we made sure we booked extra time to get through the airport.  After all, we were travelling through a relatively small but oftentimes busy airport, and would be passing through at what I assumed was the height of the “get home” airport pandemonium.

We got to the airport, boarding passes in hand (always print at home!), and paraded into a completely empty airport!


Isn’t Memorial day supposed to be the first travel day of the summer?  Isn’t it supposed to be the grand kickoff of the American summer vacation?

Well, this year it wasn’t! I guess everyone decided to usher in this recession by doing the no-cation.  Last year we had the stay-cation and the work-cation.. and this year, it appears, we just have the no-cation.

So then I think to myself… “Self: this means there’s going to be some wicked travel deals out there!”  For someone like me who loves to travel, this was a very welcome idea!  Sadly, as I’ve looked, I’ve noticed that airline prices have actually gone UP!  This was after the fuel price crisis of last year, after the recession, after everything… prices are still higher.

For example, when I first started flying more (about 3 years ago), I could book a round trip to Las Vegas for $218.   Now I get the same ticket for $300 in the winter and $400 in the summer, no matter how many months in advance I book.

What is wrong with this picture?  Why can’t the airlines realize they are shooting themselves in the foot?  They were going to make over $1000 from me for travel this summer, but due to larger fares we are only spending $600.  We will cancel trips and do less due to the higher fares, even while the resorts and vacation destinations are practically giving away their rooms and amenities to get people to come.

If the airline industry is not careful, it will take down the entire tourism industry with it!

2 thoughts on “Lame Travel Weekend”

  1. Everybody was driving. As I was driving south on Monday at about 5 pm There was an accident northbound on I15 Spanish fork exit and it was backed up for literally 5 miles. every fifth vehicle had either a boat, ATV, RV or some other play toy. I was amazed!

  2. >Now I get the same ticket for $300 in the winter and $400

    Mark’s only travel tip ever: book Southwest airlines for flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Vegas in July is $318 round trip, and no fees for your bags. But really, how are you going to win best lawn competition if you’re in sin city watching Cirque du Soleil?

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