Miss me?

Well, I’m more than halfway through my vacation, and I am proud to report that I have stimulated the economy now in 3 states.

President Bush and our lovely Congress gave we single people $600 to stimulate the economy, so here is a small sampling of my economic stimulus activities:

  • Plane ticket to DFW/LA/SLC/DFW
  • $1 for ticket to Wicked and $105 for Ticketmaster fees
  • $40 for a bag of animal crackers, Reeses pieces, and a 12 oz bottle of water in the airport
  • $90 for tickets to “Get Smart” at the movie theater, and $900 more large refillable popcorn, which made me sick to my stomach 3 hours later
  • 3 Double-Doubles at In and Out Burger one of which resulted in a gastrointestinal episode
  • $53 for parking at Wicked
  • $20 for a 3oz of Sprite and 41oz of ice at the theater last night
  • $9,000,000 for gas from LA to Utah

Thank you, world, for the wonderful things you offer me!

5 thoughts on “Miss me?”

  1. That’s some great ‘fuzzy math’ to make your stimulus check stretch that far!

  2. Who knew Wicked was so cheap? Ticketmaster really is of the devil isn’t it? I love animal crackers. Oh, and yes, you’re missed.

  3. I agree that any price for a double double is worth it. And let’s not lie, Ticketmaster is second only the IRS in gouging people. Did you love the Pantages theatre though? I believe that alone is worth the price of admission. Even that theatre probably can not cover the price of concessions though. $20 is pretty steep for some that much Sprit, even if it was very cold. 🙂

  4. I’m glad you were allowed to stimulate the economy. The government decided I wasn’t worth the time- probably since I’d spend it all on un-taxable grocery items. I’m curious to know if your plane ticket was more or less than the 9 big ones you spent on gas. 😛

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