Newsletters: A Sign of the True Church

Yesterday, in Bishopric meeting, we were presented with the Young Women’s Newsletter, put together by our recently re-vamped Young Women’s Presidency.

It was cute, informational, highlighted the girls and their upcoming activities, and I’m sure made everyone smile who saw it that day.

Yes, friends, a newsletter is definitely a sign of the true church.

All functioning organizations, especially ones headed by women (or men with wives who do their calling for them) have a newsletter.  A President’s succeess is gauged on their ability to get a newsletter committee up, running, and putting out a newsletter every month.

I know we’re not supposed to confess past transgressions, but this seems appropriate… One time, when I was a Quorum president, I even tried to get my Elder’s Quorum to have a newsletter.  I think in 6 months, we had 3 newsletters… which aproximated our Home Teaching percentage as well.  Is there a link there?  I would think so!!

Lesson learned: Men don’t need newsletters. (Unless they are looking for something to give their kid to tear up and put in their mouths.)

Newsletters are also bad news for the Young Men who get to clean the building.  Pews with crumpled up newsletter papers scattered amongst the mashed up cheerios make them all the more difficult to clean.

Yes, newsletters are a sign of the true church, but when will we ever learn about email?

6 thoughts on “Newsletters: A Sign of the True Church”

  1. haha My relief society group collects everyone’s emails. I haven’t received an email yet because I’ve only been going for about 3 weeks now but maybe there is hope!

  2. Uh-oh. I’m Primary President and we don’t have a newsletter!!!! Hadn’t even thought about it until now. Guess I’ll add it to my list!

  3. white eye brows!
    i am in young womens and i know exactly what your talking about whne you say that stuff about making it cute.. i make it cute at my church! alright 🙂

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