I didn’t think that people would think that I was a ‘great’ person or anything from the commando story.  I am not trying to ask for pity, or anything of the sort.  I am not hero or anything else, I am just a normal very imperfect person!  I just think that, in hindsight, stories about your kids can be really funny.  It was just meant to be a funny story.  Not unlike the poop story… okay the poop story must be shared.  It’s funny…

I had just got back from a horrible WalMart excursion with K and S.  After the fits they threw I decided they were tired and needed naps.  K was at the age where she was starting to outgrow naps, but would take them sometimes.  S was taking a nap but come to find out K wasn’t. I heard her in there, but I thought, ‘No I am not letting her out. I need a 1/2 hour break from her.’   Well that was a huge mistake. Apparently she was in there needing go number 2.  She knows that it’s not an option to come out during bedtime/naptime (except to go potty) but I guess she decided to show me who is really boss.   When I went to get her out of her room to go pick up E and J at school, I found streaks and residue of the um, number 2, (I don’t know how delicate and sensitive the readers of W.E. are… normally I would just say the word poop.) on the bed.  I took K to the bathroom into the tub. I put her clothes in laundry; she had attempted to clean herself up and look very innocent.  But there was plenty of residue there too.   Then, seeing the mess from her pants and the wipes that she had used and then thrown on the floor to clean herself up, I knew that somewhere the bulk of the ‘problem’ was not to be seen.  So I looked, I couldn’t find it, so I asked K where it was. She got out of tub, crawled all the way under her bed and pointed in the heating vent. I moved the bed and looked in the vent.  Sure enough, K had put the ‘treasure’ in the vent.  So I had to clean out the vent. Wash the bedding, and clothes, and clean up the culprit.  Joy oh joy.  Where do they come up with these things!!????

I think kids are pretty darn hilarious.

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  1. Wow, that takes some real creativity there- the heating vent of all places! I think it’s definitely for the laugh afterward that we cherish these ‘fun’ moments.

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